Tibet Archive

Another Day in Lhasa

I am sure some of you wanted to know what happened in Lhasa. Well, as a matter of fact, when I’ve reached that place, Daniel Chew (me of course) was okay on the day he arrived on the train station in Lhasa, Tibet. With ...Read More

The Rough Journey to Tibet

Daniel is back again. Well, been neglecting too much until I thought what the heck, let’s get on with the Tibet updates. After like nearly a month’s absence from work, lotsa things to do which I find that I can’t really modify and look ...Read More

Currently in Chengdu

Yes, it's me again after a long lapse and disappearance from the Internet world. Why did I disappear? Not that I want to, but it's because I don't have Internet access after the 6 or 7 days drive from Lhasa all the way to ...Read More

Hello From Lhasa, Tibet

Yo yo people. It loooks like I have the liberty to post something while I am at Lhasa Tibet on this backpacking trip. Wondering what has been happening while I was away out here. It always seem to be a good time to see ...Read More