Challenges in Life

Right about now, your life looks bleak upon you. You felt that there are way too many oppositions, way too many problems to solve. Why do we live? Why are there so many problems, I cannot bear with it. Why are there so many challenges in life? Why can’t life be simple?

Many a times, we always ask this on our own initiative. Though we usually ask this question though perhaps, when we are facing our deepest troubles, causing us to question as to why do we have to face these kind of challenges.

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One word. Life is Never Easy! (okay… make that 4 words) Being human is where we always face challenges no matter where we are. As a child, our parents sometimes put unseen pressure on us, as we need to do well in our studies so that we could be someone successful and meaningful in the future. As we grow older, we start to enrol into colleges, universities and perhaps look upon as to what our jobs might be in the future. Expectations are heavily placed upon each and everyone of us (freeloaders do not count). When we made it, people will say, “Wow!!! His life is so nice, I wished I could have one like that!” Though I foresee that it’s not always like that. People do have to work hard to achieve something they are after. Some have many challenges and while we always look at the success of some people, we never actually bothered as to how this person actually achieved the success.

Success always come after failures. As humans, we only tend to dwell on people’s successes but have we actually pondered on how many people have actually failed to become a success? Not really. Let me take a scenario.

You are in a talk. A MLM High earner is giving the talk. He talks about all the success stories from being a newspaper seller and finally after few years he became a wealthy man living his life wonderfully. Of course, we will all ponder as to this guy was able to make it, I am sure it will be good for everyone of us too. Unbeknownst to them, MLM companies has never ever told you as to how many people has failed to reach that mentioned top position. There were many who failed compared to many that seemed to be successful. Many that are failed, when asked those questions to those who are the pioneers in an MLM company, they will say that they didn’t try hard enough. Anyway the point here is, there is no easy walk in life. to reach the top you might have to do anything be it legal or illegal to be successful.

Aside from that, there are but a few challenges in life which is mainly compulsory. One of it is being able to grow up and able to live a healthy life. As human beings, some people are so not bothered with their health, they go with the saying, “We only live once, so why should I live healthily and not be able to enjoy the food I wanted to eat”.

Nice argument but then, this is what one usually says when they are still in good shape and no health problem poised before them. Until the health problem arise, this is when they start to regret and say “I want to live, please help me doctor. I do not want to die!!!!”

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I do agree that we all live once. Due to that, I am doing the things I want to do as my age permits. These are the challenges and the things I can do while I am still able to.

Challenges are what make people strong. Life is not a fairy tale. It is also not as easy as it seems. We cannot just say we will exercise when the time comes when we do not even begin with any simple exercise in the beginning. We will keep saying when the time comes until maybe even to our deathbed.

As of now, I want to make sure that I am doing the right things. So what about you? Traveling used to be a challenge to me, but for now, I am going to be ready for my next challenge. Life does not just end here. So again I would like to say, WHAT ABOUT YOU?


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