Booze New CNY Time on 2012

It is 2012. The Lunar or the Chinese New Year 2012 is finally here. It is indeed an auspicious day for the Chinese where they get to celebrate the new year in the Chinese calendar. To me, it is like celebrating two new years where else those that only celebrate the western new year on the Julian calendar only get to celebrate it once.

Chinese New Year 2012 is a little bit different this year. Why???? Come let me tell you why is it different for me!

Yee Sang Dinner Chinese New Year

We have a simple “yee sang” (raw fish) mix but WITHOUT the fish. Why is it different? Well, previous years even when there are no fishes, we have jellyfishes. Well, that is why my 2012 yee sang is really different. So funny that this year no one seemed to rush to eat more yee sang as it is all vegetable. Knowing myself, I am not a fan of vegetable (I know… I know… vege is supposed to be good for us), so I had very little vegetarian yee sang this year.

Though strange enough, it seems as years go by, I am not that picky on certain food at last. Last time, to get me to drink salted vegetable soup with duck is like making me drink something yucky. Suddenly it is totally the opposite this year. I can definitely drink a lot this year though.

What is a salty vegetable soup? Every year I will return back to my hometown in Melaka (Malacca for you English speaking dudes) to visit my relatives and to get some taste of nyonya food.

Itik Time Nyonya Dish

Itik Tim (Duck Salted Vegetable Soup) is one of a kind. Talked about it last year too. The above has Hennessy VSOP mixed into the soup. The soup is delicious. For those halal people out there, you can get this soup in Nyonya Restaurants out there but for a hefty sum. For us baba nyonyas, it is a normal dish we can have every year. Hehe…

Non Alcoholic Itik Tim

What is so special then? Ducks that were used are ducks that were rear in villages. That is suffice to say, that there would not be a lot of fats like you get on commercial ducks being widely bred. The taste would be superb, the meat might be little but there is definitely very less fat in your soup.

Did I mentioned that you can also use Remy Martin for your Itik Tim? Let me say it again, YES!!! You can!

One good thing being back to Melaka is also the abundance of fruits there. One of my favorites though is the Rambutan.


I have just found out that there are two species being grown here in the place I visited. They are Kawan Sekolah and something else…. errr…. which I cannot really remember right now.

The only problem with the rambutans is that there are Red Ants making their nest on the trees. So getting bitten once or twice is kind of normal to us folks here. Does not really bother me much. Just love the ‘kampung‘ life!!! Give me a farm or a shopping complex, I would rather visit the farm than the shopping complex. (Though give me a house to sleep and a farm, I would rather be at the house!! Hee hee…)

After all, Chinese New Year is usually celebrated and associated with card playing, mahjong. Surprisingly this year, I did not bothered to take part in any of those activities. Maybe I felt that it is more important to embrace the part of life where mixing with people without gambling is good enough. Though one change did happen!!!! Wait for it… wait for it….

CNY Booze Sheridan Kahlua and Bacardi

The BOOZE!!!!! We have Sheridan!! We have Kahlua!! We have Bacardi!! We have some other kind of alcoholic drink my weird younger brother bought from somewhere which have a weird plum in it. Anyway, let us all have a great Chinese new Year 2012 this year and have a prosperous new year!

Anyway here is to the new year 2012 and looks like this is how I greet the new year with a new look!

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