[FNM Report] Necrotic Ooze Combo Standard

Unknown to the rest of the world, my first FNM (Friday Night Magic) was on year 2000 and this time I am back for my 5th FNM in my whole lifetime. It has been a long time since I actually wanted to play competitive magic or, rather go back to the standard scene. This deck was played before Dark Ascension came about.

The deck that I played last FNM was a Necrotic Ooze combo deck, seeing how crazy this card synergy would be. Most people who played with me that day did ask me questions about the legality of the combo that we have to call the judge to come and clarify it.

Side Note:

I know some of you guys know me for playing whacky decks that either try to do something crazy or funny to win the game. Well, one reason why I love playing rogue decks like this instead of the normal straight ahead decks is because I love to see the look on my opponent’s face when they lose to this combo. Funny isn’t it?

MTG Session Mamak

The testing of standard decks are usually done at my local mamak stalls (a small restaurant selling indian food) that open 24 hours daily.

Here was the decklist I was running.

2 Nephalia Drownyard
3 Drowned Catacomb
1 Darkslick Shores
10 Swamp
8 Island

3 Civilized Scholar
4 Bloodline Keeper
3 Trespassing Souleater
4 Necrotic Ooze
3 Grimgrin, Corpse-Born

3 Postmortem Lunge
1 Ponder
2 Black Sun’s Zenith

1 Liliana of the Veil

4 Forbidden Alchemy
3 Dream Twist
3 Mana Leak
1 Go for the Throat
1 Doom Blade

It was surprising that there were some people who were playing this deck in the States but seeing how people in Malaysia here who favors the meta decks, this deck was relatively unknown and I have seen people playing with UB Control, Solar Flare, RDW and the more dominant Wolf Run Ramp.

Let me introduce you to the hero of the deck.

Necrotic Ooze

I kidded you not! I pulled off the combo win three times on that day.

Match 1

GW Humans 0 – 2: Should have been a favorable matchup if I were to draw a Black Sun Zenith in my hand. Due to not drawing any of it in my hand, I basically lost to this deck as I have no answers. Mulled to 6 at game 1 and mulled to 5 at game 2 with bad hands.

Match 2

UB Control 1 – 1: One of my favorite decks to go against is the UB Control.

Game 1: Knowing well, that I have Mana Leaks or seemed to have them in my hand, the UB Control player sometimes took their time to not cast a creature while I cast a Trespassing Souleater to frustrate him. After getting the combo pieces into the graveyard, I finally decided to tap out to cast 2 more Trespassing Souleater. Seeing that I was already tapped out, the UB player decided to unleash his Grave Titan with 1 black mana open. This was something I was waiting for, so I combo-ed for the win with a Postmortem Lunge on my Necrotic Ooze.

Game 2: It was a bad draw. I had mulled to 5 cards and basically he drop more lands than me and I was unable to solve 2 resolved Wurmcoil Engines which he took time. Though I could have delayed the game longer if I had discarded my Grimgrin into the graveyard instead of, casting them out as he dissipated it from the stack. I believed I could have won this game if only I did not do a simple mistake like that.

Match 3

GR Werewolf 1 – 2: An agro based deck which I needed to answer with a fast combo or more creatures or with a Black Sun’s Zenith.

Game 1: Mulled again to 5. Surprisingly I won this game with a resolved Grimgrin and Bloodline Keeper in play. I kept killing his creatures and he could not finish me.

Game 2: I mulled to 6 and lost this due to a fast Wreckless Wraif, 2 Mayor of Avabrucks and a Moonmist.

Game 3: Mulled again to 5. I basically am disappointed with my mulligan this time around. Unable to find anything to play other than a turn 1 Ponder and a turn 2 dream twist. I basically had 2 lands in play and unable to draw my third land which basically makes me being out-tempoed by the aggressive deck. I had a Forbidden Alchemy in hand as I waited for the third land drop and finally at the forth turn, I got one and lucky for me, the opponent has little creatures due to having mana flood problems. I got a land out and was unable to survive when he dropped his Double Strike Werewolf guy and Moonmist them to hand me lethal. Now where are my Black Sun’s Zenith in the agro match-ups.

Match 4

Since my record was now a 0-1-2, I didn’t want to end my time in a FNM with no wins. I do not want a repeat of my previous FNM where I lost all my matches in a score of 0-2. This was a time where I would want to try to win.

UWB Solarflare 2 – 1

Game 1: I mulled to 5 again. I was having 2 lands, 1 ponder, 1 Forbidden Alchemy, 1 Postmortem Lunge, 1 Necrotic Ooze. The game was strange I got another land after Ponder and the rest are the combo pieces. What was funny was the opponent was playing a Liliana of the Veil and kept using the +1 ability which resulted in me having to discard a card from my hand which I gladly accepted. I was having fun. At the fifth turn, he made me discard my Necrotic Ooze, making his Lililana at 6 Loyalty Counters and it was either I win him now or never. Seemingly I had a Postmortem Lunge in hand and went for the kill. His hand was most likely a Doom Blade which was practically unusable and no counter spells in hand.

Game 2: I basically mulled again to 6 cards. I had a bad draw. He overran me with creatures casted out from his hand. I sided in Nihil Spellbomb only for it to be not usable in this game. Though it helped me drew a card which practically wasn’t anything useful. I was overran again with Wurmcoils. One thing was my sideboarding options, which I did not put in the Sever the Bloodline.

Game 3: Mulled to 5 cards again. The irony, the pain I felt. He mulled to 6 cards. I was basically playing all my Trespassing Souleaters (gotten Oblivion Ring), 2 Grimgrin, Corpse-Born(1 gotten Celestial Purge, 1 gotten Day of Judgment), 2 Bloodline Keeper (1 gotten Celestial Purge and a Day of Judgment) and a Necrotic Ooze (Day of Judgment). Unfortunately for him, I have a Nihil Spellbomb in play, basically I was milling him all the time since I could not really play with my creatures. We were both attacking each turn with him playing a Snapcaster Mage attacking me for 2 every turn and while I was at 10 and he was at 14(Me attacking with the Souleaters), I played Sever the Bloodline on his Snapcaster Mage wanting to fish out his Counterspells which to my happiness he did not have. Alright, time to set up the board. I kept playing other creatures to make him use up his removal. After that, I combo-ed for the win.

Record: 1-1-2


Seeing my deck play, it was inevitable that I should play test more and try to build my decks according to it. I sensed at times mistakes were made and this basically made me lose the game. Another sideboard option I could use was a Witchbane Orb which practically protects my graveyard from being touched which would have my game plan. I think that the next FNM, I would try an improved deck and do some testing with my buddies to see what should be included in the deck.

One thing I know is that this deck has the potential to destroy UB control players if you keep dropping land after land. What I do know is that instead of going full combo, I think it would be good to be more combo/control variant in order to play against the meta now. Most probably more counterspells and creature removal spells. Problem is what cards should be removed. I will update my brew once again and another new brewed deck. Of course comments and suggestions are welcomed for the Magic the Gathering players out there.

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