Swollen Foot Outcome

Hi Guys, I am sorry that I have been missing for quite some time. Thought I should explain what has been happening these past few days. It looks like I have a problem with my injury. Well, just this past few days there are many other things which either bothered me or kept me thinking. Though adding on to that list is now a swollen foot that would not go down.

Swollen Foot

The mark is so bad after a few days as there are now red marks showing at the beginning of my toes. In all my past sports, I have never really gotten myself injured. Maybe I have grown old and not as sport fit as I used to. The red marks made me worried for some kind of reason as suddenly I was browsing through the Internet, some say after a few days they could not feel their toes. Then the worst condition is that the nerves have died and finally they are unable to use their toes and have to be amputated.

This is scary shit. I would not be able to join anymore marathons, running competitions, sports that I used to love, hiking and other crazy activities. Do pray for me.

On a side note, I will do another thorough checkup tomorrow at a medical clinic or a hospital to check if it is serious.

It seems 2012 is really not a good year for me when I have so many things to consider. I wonder if it will ever be a good year for me. Let’s hope for good news soon.


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