Moon of CNY 15 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 is finally coming to an end and as usual the moon is bright on this time of year.

I remember I used to have this passion to blog almost everyday, staying late nights in order to complete a post. That was the time when blogging was just starting in Malaysia and it was easier to earn compared to now. It was also a means of deploring my thoughts to the world without realizing that I have also influenced some of my thoughts to the public.

The years before year 2017 has brought about meaningful things in my life. Many things has happened and sometimes I am glad for all the trials and wonderful things that have happened.

Alright time to take out my camera gear (it has been long lost in the dry box, so sorry, will use my baby D300 more in the future) and to do some shooting.

moon chor 15 2017

Oh look! A picture of the moon. Well, everyone could have taken it, but I am more surprised with what is around the moon. I see white dots around it. Makes me wonder what encircles the moon? Or was it stars in the distant space.

Since I only have my Nikkor 55-200mm lens with me, I could do no further and have to contend with what I have. The time will come when I finally will get my hands on a full frame gear with the trinity lenses (though some have left the DSLR and gone mirrorless).

I guessed I have reached the ‘apek’ stage, doing more thinking and less writing on blogs that used to be so vibrant with post and lots of poses and weird things (just go through my blog, you will know the difference as years gone by).

asian baby shot

Here are the upcoming posts that would be up in the coming weeks and months.

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So as a reader, which would you look forward to? Do get back to me



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