How Hard Is It to Learn to Play Golf?

Being a wanderer, sometimes blending in with the crowd is a given. There is one activity though that I am trying to comprehend, and that is golf. Golf has to be one of those games that looks a lot easier to play than it really is. When you are watching the television and you see professionals hit the ball with perfect precision, it seems like something that just anyone can do. Then you get the opportunity to go out on the green and hit a golf ball around for the first time. It is shocking how hard it is to hit that little ball and to get it to fly straight.

So Yeon Ryu golf

The basics of golf can be picked up by just about anyone on the first trip to a driving range. The concept is simple. Hit the little white ball into the hole. But as anyone who has played golf knows, there’s a whole lot more to it than just this. It can actually take in excess of a year to develop the wrist strength necessary to consistently hit the ball using all the clubs that are available.

A lot of first-time golf players will play a game referred to as best ball. Basically, what this means is that everyone will hit their ball. And then they will all move to the ball that went the furthest away or the got closest to the flag. It keeps the game competitive, but at the same time it avoids some of the frustration that beginner golf players can have.

Park Hee-young Golf

Golf requires a lot of skill. The only way to get competent at the game is to go out day after day and play the course. One the biggest challenges for a novice to master is the ability to accurately twist the body and then untwist it in a precise way. If that twisting motion is off by even half of an inch, the result can be a shot that is off by dozens of feet. It literally takes hours of practice just to figure out how to swing the club well.

hitting the golf ball

However, after hundreds of visits to the golf club, thousands of swings, hundreds of rides in the club golf cart, and probably after purchasing a few club car golf cart parts, a person starts to get the hang of the game. And this is when golf becomes addictive. As any avid golfer will tell you, all of the hard work and all of the precision and skill needed to play the game is what makes being good at the game addicting. It is why many would happily skip a day at work if it meant that they could have an enjoyable day playing golf with friends.


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