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Penang Bridge Marathon 2010 Memory

In 2010, my craziest run ever was the 21km Penang Bridge Run 2010 (PBIM) which I ran at 330am and running in the rain. So much for a new experience. Fast forward 2011, it's time to prepare for the 42km full marathon.

Prepare for Penang Bridge Marathon 2010

Penang Bridge Marathon is coming up again. This time it will be on the 21st November 2010. Finally I will be running in this run after putting it off for a few years. Though I will be running in the 21km. A few days before I will be …

BHP Orange Run 2010 11KM

This time BHP Orange Run 2010 which is about 11km, there are lots of hill climb which amount to 500m and it's a challenging track. A good place to run. Had been doing run-walk-run previously. This time a consisten 11km run all the way.

Cinya Suffer SCKLM Run 21KM

It's the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010, and I am only running the half marathon category. But I suffer like kok trying to run the 21km. Can see my suffering face and look after the run. SUFFER also feel SYIOK

SCKL Marathon 2010 is Coming

It’s now the middle of the year 2010 and boy, the year passed by so fast, in a blink of an eye and in no time I’ll be an uncle to most people. I’ve joined running events just a year ago and this time the Standard Chartered KL …

Practice 3KM Run in Taman Melawati

Running seems to be one of my favorite pastimes with photo shoot the other one. It’s a pity though I could only run 3km yesterday. Well, been trying to keep myself fit before I take part in my next 21km run and the 15km upcoming run in May. …