Practice 3KM Run in Taman Melawati

Running seems to be one of my favorite pastimes with photo shoot the other one. It’s a pity though I could only run 3km yesterday. Well, been trying to keep myself fit before I take part in my next 21km run and the 15km upcoming run in May.

Based on my GPS Android HTC Hero

Distance: 3.65 km
Max Pace: 4.49 min/km
Min Pace: 6:36 min/km
Average Pace: 5.43 min/km
Time: 20 mins 53 seconds

From Google Map, distance calculated was 3km but based on GPS it’s 3.6km with all those twist and turns. Pace seems better this time though distance was cut short due to running at 6:50pm which is quite late and getting dark. Since it’s not a park, going back early is the best option.

Wonder when will my next practice run be? I am so enthusiastic on my run and I can’t wait to start being into running these days. Thinking of getting my own SPIBelt to keep my things while running. The current waist pouch I am using is so uneasy, it keeps moving up and down. Another thing to get, a new running shoe.

In the upcoming days, hope to get running mates to run along Taman Melawati.


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