SCKL Marathon 2010 is Coming

It’s now the middle of the year 2010 and boy, the year passed by so fast, in a blink of an eye and in no time I’ll be an uncle to most people. I’ve joined running events just a year ago and this time the Standard Chartered KL Marathon is back and yes, last year it was my first time running a 21km event. This time I am back again and no.. I won’t be running a 42km event but still with my 21km running event.

How about some memories of the last Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009. To read about my last encounter a year ago, follow this link to that post. Well, some photos weren’t released that year and I felt that it’s time to rekindle that experience once again.

KL Marathon 2009 Running Vest Man Boob View

Ah, just right after the run, I had my breakfast or lunch at a mamak store in Wangsa Maju. Not bad I must say, and that was how the logo looked like a year ago. Kinda plain I must say. Eh wait, whose body was that? And how come the arm like damn fat like that? Eh, what are you all looking at? It’s only to let you guys/gals to focus on how the vest looked like a year ago.

After KL Marathon 2009 Teh Tarik

You people really have nothing better to see right? Well, just joking with you. Yes, that’s me. The Weird Weird author of this blog.

So anyone of you going to join Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010? Where to register? Click the link below to register and join me on the run. I am running on the 21km event.

Register for Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010

Now when you’ve completed your run, you will get your finisher medal. Here’s how it was last year!

WTF Pose Finisher Medal KL Marathon 2009

Okay, I look darn weird in this photo. Maybe I shouldn’t pose like that. HAHAHA!!! This year I promise to be COOL instead ok?

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