Post Mortem PBIM 2010 Penang Trip

I just came back from Penang Island after running the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 event. Well, the event did go as planned. Something to talk about and to share my experiences there.

DanielCtw PBIM Welcome Pose

The collection was done at Queensbay Mall area and I can see some familiar faces. Well, I see familiar faces but look at what Kyuzo was looking at.

Kyuzo Checking Out Girl


I was there along with Kyuzo and staying at a church member’s house. Well, both of us ran the 21km which I find that I am lacking training and considering this is one of the major events, I decided to run for it even though only ran 5km in the past 3 months with other days doing just sleeping and eating.

We arrived on Saturday in the morning about 11am and decided it’s time to look for some food before we continue elsewhere. So after taking all those photos of the collection counter and meeting up with some of the runners, we’re off for some food hunting. Chin Ann was the one who drove us around. First we had Beef Noodles. Then we had the famous Teochew Cendol or Chendul at Penang Road.

TeoChew Chendul Penang

The Chendul only cost RM1.80. Hmmm… somehow it was to quench my thirst. Since while we’re here, why not take the drive to another place. Let’s have some coconuts.

Amba Coconut

CHOP CHOP CHOP… Now here is your coconut. Surprisingly, met a blogger KokAhKok there. Well or he was the one who was checking me out. Ahem…

What a hot hot day in Penang Island. After that we all retire back to our resting place and slept early as the run will start at 3am. Now let’s get back to the run.

The run started at 3AM. There are lots of people at the run. Cinya late, we can’t reach the starting point in time for the gun shot. Well, we ran from the road and upon reaching the starting point, walao… cinya many people there. All still queuing to the starting point. In the end after the gun shot, I went past the starting point 4 minutes after. Kyuzo paced me as we try to break free from the slower than usual runners.

PBIM 21KM Running Route

Amazingly, I was amazed that I could withstood 6km of non stop running along with Kyuzo. Well, it was near the bridge and after running for awhile, I decided I had enough as I was afraid my body could not bear the amount of work put on it. What was worst was that the heavy rain makes it harder to run with the cold win and your stomach seems hard to digest.  Sure enough, after completing the run in a time of 2:46:47, I could feel my leg not relaxed and aching.

This is the result of my run in PBIM 2010 21KM

Official Timing

Hmmm…. Position number 1869 from the point of the gun shot. 02:51:36 is the time from the gun shot and 02:46:47 is my chip time.

Not bad since it betters the 21km timing of the KL Half Marathon (though it seems that it’s not 21km but 25km). It’ll be a long way before I can break below 2 hours 30 minutes.

Distance: 22.22 km
Pace: 7.32 min/km
Time: 2.47.18
Total Climb: 600 m

My Split Time: 6:00 | 6:43 | 7:29 | 7:03 | 6:49 | 6:39 | 7:00 | 7:02 | 6:18 | 8:16 | 8:07 | 8:10 | 8:11 | 7:13 | 7:24 | 7:56 | 7:54 | 8:17 | 7:43 | 9:04 (Crap!!) | 7:59 | 8:18

After looking at my timing, I realized I have slowed down a lot compared to previous runs. I need my stamina back and the urge to push myself faster. So all I need is more practice.

So it’s time for some photos with the gang.

Completed PBIM Medal Pose

From left: Audrey, ME, Kyuzo, Sook Mei

Hmmm… yes, I looked constipated. I was superbly tired after the run, I just knew I had to take a super sleep after that. Of course, it was great meeting one of the shouters. Charles Kee from IMChuckie.

DanielCtw and IMChuckie

Taken using my HTC Hero, that’s the best photo I’ve gotten.

What about other victory poses? Still waiting for some photos from Sook Mei though. Till my next run which is I would think it’ll be likely the following year 2011. Want to join the run? Just message me or come for a run sometime soon.


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