Daniel Shape Run 2010 12.3km Report

Time for another running report. Yes, I am a crazy runner for events though am one that hardly trains. I must be crazy. Okay maybe I just have a weird attitude. I seriously need to be serious in training. It was like 3 weeks ago, that I ran the Shape & Men’s Health Magazine Run 12.3km 2010. Well, come to think of it, actually I think I ran more than 12.3km. This time though I won’t be starting the run alone but with my friends who came along in the same car.

Mouse Law, Yee Ling and DanielCtw

Mouse Law, Yee Ling and of course The Weird One. Of course, if you’ve been following my blog, you would have seen them somewhere before. They are the same people that have gone up with me to Mount Kinabalu and it sure bring back memories. Particularly love the vest for this run and definitely worth it as previous day, I couldn’t collect my vest in time and I had to go to the head office to get my vest. Just so happens the head office is located in Subang.

So how did I fare this time?

Putrajaya Shape Run 2010 Track

With a time of 1:22:47 on my Cardio Trainer GPS and a distance of 13.49km (see told you it isn’t 12.3km), it sure is a long run. Well, at least this is the 2nd run that I ran non stop once again. Only this time, I felt I could have run even faster. (need training and of course to cure my laziness).

Here is the latest statistics for this run.

Distance: 13.49 km
Pace: 6.08 min/km
Time: 1.22.47
Total Climb: 600 m

My Split Time: 5:03 | 5.08 | 5.54| 6.16 | 6.25 | 6.31 | 4.56 (fuiyoh!) | 6.34 | 6.51 | 7.05 | 5.15 | 6.25 | 6.48

Elevation Tracking

That’s nice, a new 4.56 min/km time for one of the lap only to be let down by one of the run at 7.05. Darn. Well, overall still an improvement over the race before. One thing about this run is that “cinya” many hills. Imagine that, 600m of hill climb. You can see my “amkan” expression from the photo that I got from pmtey (need to add him before can view the photo).

Cinya Amkan Running by DanielCtw

In Hooha’s official website, this was how I fared.

Gun Time: 1.22.38
Net Time: 1.22.16
Split 1: 0.17.10
Split 2: 0.43.32

Wonder how far is the first split and the 2nd split though? Anyway after this run, I haven’t been training or doing any practice run. Next run will be McDonald’s 7km run. When is it? I will be registering as early as possible.


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