Penang Bridge Marathon 2010 Memory

I still remember the scene when I ran on the Penang Bridge. It was 330am and I was running on the bridge and the rain was pouring. If you don’t get what I mean, please refer to this post about my run in Penang 21km.

These are the victory poses to commemorate the memory once more.

2 Macho Guys Who Ran 21km at PBIM2010

The 2 Macho Guys Kyuzo and The Weird One (Daniel) that ran the wet grueling 21km in Penang Bridge Run. We are both proud to finally complete this run.

Biting the PBIM 2010 Finisher Medal

So proud that we just have to had a bite of it. Solid….

I guessed as always, this blog isn’t me if I don’t do what I always do best. I love to pose my cool pose.

DanielCtw Victory Cool Pose PBIM 2010

Thank you Sook Mei for the photos. I love the photos you sent. PBIM 2011, look out for me to conquer you again. I am going to be running the 42km next.

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