Cinya Suffer SCKLM Run 21KM

I still remember the run like it was a few weeks back. I was practically having high expectations of myself and I think I had it too high. Why? It’s the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010, and I am only running the half marathon category. That’s 21km to those who don’t do running.

Clock Tower

I was there about 5:45am as my run starts at 6:15am or is it 6:30am, nevertheless I wasn’t at all prepared properly for this run. This is all due to my laziness and complacency of my own. Well, then at least I found out the hard way.

Before the Run

Before the run, I was full of confidence. Practically it was a mistake.

I was practically forcing myself to finally run non stop for the longest I did. Due to what I’ve experienced last year, I was pushing myself to run continuously for at least 10km. Well, target was achieved and I went 1.5km further until I finally felt that I had better stop and give myself some rest. Rest I did, that I took another 1 hour to finish the next 10km.

Exhausted Run

Practically I was way exhausted than normal. Never had I felt that way. I was afraid that I might collapse anytime after the 12km stage. I kept pushing myself too hard and felt that it’s all in the mind. Little did I know that sometimes if your body can’t take it, don’t overdo it too much.

Cinya Tired Sitting Down

Darn tired, I sat down on the pavement after the whole run feeling way exhausted that I can’t bring myself to get up and walk. I didn’t care if I sat with my legs wide open. All I wanted was to sleep there and then. Scary when I thought of it now.

DanielCtw Suffer Holding Umbrella

I really was suffering much. I have to support myself with an umbrella. I felt like if there weren’t this umbrella to support me, I will surely fall down all of a sudden. You know during this time, I am cinya lucky to have a friend running and traveling with me.

FireWire and DanielCtw

FireWire and DanielCtw

Me still trying to maintain coolness when posing. FireWire ran the 10km run and practically I have to thank him for driving me back later after the run. If not I am not sure whether I could drive back home then.

Second person that helped motivated me to push to the finish line was Princess Yen. Thank you dear for cheering me on that day.

Exhausted but happy shot with Princess Yen

I am happy I finished the run. Thanks for your support that motivated me. Look at my hand that’s still holding the umbrella. No matter what, I am still happy and my enthusiasm to run will not stop.

Orange Run 2010 is the latest run that I’ve just ran. Well, that’ll be another report. Until then, I’ll make sure I get myself up and ready for the 2011 SCKLM Run next year.

Here’s my timing and record.

This years timing is worse than my previous year.

Pace: 6.36min/km
Time: 2’49’21
Total Climb: 442m

Update: Anyway went to check SCKL Marathon’s official website here at and here are my results.

Rank: 1286
Gun Time: 02:51:05
Net Time: 02:48:43
Split Time: 01:03:47 (Not sure whether at 11km or 10km mark?)

Here’s to those who runs too. May we enjoy running and staying healthy.

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