Prepare for Penang Bridge Marathon 2010

Penang Bridge Marathon is coming up again. This time it will be on the 21st November 2010. Finally I will be running in this run after putting it off for a few years. Though I will be running in the 21km. A few days before I will be leaving to Penang, I got the package from the organizers.

PBIM Running Materials

Not bad considering the vest is in yellow. The reason is fairly simple, DiGi is the sponsor of this event and thus we 21km Half Marathon runners will be running in bright yellow. Makes me feel like the Yellow Man from DiGi. Wondering how does the vest feel since it’s from New Balance, I decided to put it on.

DanielCtw PBIM Vest Model

Darn… looks like the measurement is unlike the Reebok one which somehow fits perfectly well. It has an opening quite big around the armpits and the arm. You don’t see my head here and I am just focusing on the vest. Besides I just cut my hair, so ain’t gonna reveal how I looked like yet after the hairdo. If you are in Penang Island and saw me running along the road, remember to say Hi and we can do some catching up together. I think I will be able to finish the run within 3 hours so I should finish about 5am in which most people are not up yet.

Training for only once a week just 2 weeks ago is not going to put me into perfect shape for a faster timing. Anyway, let’s see how far it can go. Besides I am a night person. Till then, I’ll be updating more frequently.


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