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It happened just a week ago, when I was one of the official photographers for Project Runway 101 which is to be held at HELP University College. It really does give me a whole new meaning as to what photography can bring you.

Being involved with Aaron to photographed this event, I practically have to managed between switching lens and taking different ways of taking shots (I am confused with my sentence now). I must say getting to the event really did gave me an adventure too, having to walk all the way to the Institute only to find I left my battery in the car, and I walked back nearly 10 minutes to retrieved it. Okay enough of the blabber let’s talk about the Runway.

Runway 101 Banner

To think of it, this project is organised by a student in HELP University College itself. Now what a way to start you own runway. The person mentioned is none other than Mr Dennis Khor. Doesn’t the name ring a bell somewhere? Yup, the very same person you see at the Malaysian Dream Girls event.

Dennis Khor Runway

Nice expression there Dennis, one more time eh?

Though an event like Runway 101 would not be a success without a person standing at the emcee. Well, almost all events would not go on without an emcee and we all have to thank this pretty emcee here.

Runway 101 Emcee

Well, I ain’t going to mentioned more, but if you’re wondering where are the contestants, well, setting aside, this will be more of what happens in the early stages and the crew members. I find at times we should give credits to the organisers and crew members. Well, isn’t that weird? Well, what can be said, coming from a blogger of Weird Weird Denial.

Surprisingly, in this event you might see some familiar faces. As everyone is hype up and me being a little bit late, came in during the light dinner session. Well, you get to see people mixing around and start to talk with each another. That’s when a photographer should dwindle and mingle with the crowd with his camera. So off I go shooting emotions and of course, PEOPLE.

Runway 101 Chatting Time

Recognize someone there? Not sure? Then maybe you should check out my old post somewhere back. I love to show more of people’s expressions but some shots would show the ugly side of them, so I’ll skip it for now.

In all Runways and all events, there will usually be a DJ to handle the music and sound. Now of course, without them too, there would be no music to go with the flow of events.

Runway DJ Corner

S. Tanaraju here is handling the DJ box area. Understandingly thank you for posing for this shot. I didn’t get the name of the girl beside him, so I assume she’s part of the crew too.

Surprisingly, I took a photo without realizing that there is someone which most Malaysians would know. Well, sorry ya, maybe I was a bit blur during that day. Guess who?

Runway Miss Malaysia 2007 Adelaine Chin

Yes, Miss Malaysia 2007 was spotted! Now who is Miss Malaysia 2007? Which one is she? This I will leave it up to you to think about it. So you can either Google or perhaps wait till you reach to the end of this post. Well, no point looking at photos and not reading right! 😛

The crowd just can’t wait for the event to start and here we have so many photos to be shown. Just what do you think then? Well, since this is the final round of Runway 101 Season 1, 3 judges are here to judge the event, or rather to witness the event.

Runway 101 Adelaine Chin Juanita Bill Quah

The ever beautiful Adelaine Chin of Miss Malaysia 2007, Juanita Anushya Francis Jacob of Malaysia Dream Girls winner and Bill Quah, senior lecturer of HELP University College.

Guessed most people are taken into account and the event is going to start. If you would like to witness the crowd and the atmosphere, I would love you to visit Aaron’s blog on his take of the Runway 101 event. If you would love to know about the coverage of this event, The Star have it covered here.

Now let the Runway 101 event begin.

Runway 101 Participants

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ps : So what would it be the next one? More Sabah coverage or Project Runway? You decide…

Till then Daniel of going to wish you Adios for now. I am also preparing for a Circuit Run 3 event tomorrow. Yes… I am going to run a run which is about 22km.


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