Dawn Lim Malaysian Dream Girls Special

Malaysian Dream Girls was something I don’t really follow in the first season. All thanks to a friend I got hooked onto the reality show. Or rather hooked onto how many shots I can take with my camera. Unlike the people in malaysiandreamgirl.tv, they can’t be bias as to who they are supporting, but since I am not one of them, I can portray my support here.

Well, it’s weird, some people tell me that I am a supporter of Dawn Lim of Malaysian Dream Girls 2009 but I don’t seem to post any photos of her. Well, there are loads of Dawn Lim’s fans out there and I guessed instead of just saying I support her, here’s some shot of her during the Malaysian Dream Girl parade in Mist Club, Bangsar.

Dawn In Full Cheongsam

Dawn Lim Yeen Sze parading in full Cheongsam

But why so fast showing the finale. Like a few of you would know, the cheongsam is the last catwalk they have to do. But this could be the only full shot of her using the 55-200mm VR lens. So bear with me.

Proceed if you’re a fan of Dawn..

Dawn In The Middle

As it was low light and me still stuck with my Nikon D40, this is the best I could salvage. (I know it’s pretty dark and not so bright.. blame me can) But the focus should now be on Dawn, not on my skills of taking photos and post processing it. There is really much to learn. Took this photo as she was smiling towards my camera. Why do I say that? I was the only camera man standing in that direction taking this shot. Thanks Dawn for the cooperation. 🙂

Dawn Lim Half Body Cheongsam

She’s got the height, standing at 170cm and weighing at about 49kg, no wonder she has her fans. If you ask me, I would say due to her smiling and bubbly character that adds to this bonus.

Dawn In Lingerie

So far all fans of Dawn Lim out there, show your support to your favorite Malaysian Dream Girls participant. Well, I wished I can go for another shoot at Malaysian Dream Girls 2009 but who knows my perception might change. Well, that is if I get another invite.

Nevertheless, here’s the final photo. There are tonnes and lots and lots of photo but I will prefer that I don’t clog up my blog here with limitless photos of the MDG event in Mist Club.

Displays Of Dawn Lim

Displays Of Dawn Lim

2 or 3 of the girls have already left. Who else will stay?

Other than Dawn, I think Ming and Pinky will stay on for now. Maybe Juanita too. Who knows what will happen!


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