Wacoal Sensuala Calendar Girl 2010

A few days back, I received an invitation from Wacoal regarding their Sensuala Calendar Girl 2010 event. After many months and days without attending any event, it’s finally time to attend one.

You must’ve wonder, lingerie? Yes, lingerie!! There are lots of crowd over there, though the only problem was, I didn’t bring my kit lens and all I got was my 55-200mm zoom lens with no fix aperture (my 50mm was under repair). So just have to stick with it and do some shooting the best I can. I still remember the last time I came here for an event was for the Malaysian Dream Girls function. It was a surprise to me though that the emcee for the night was none other than my favorite English Radio DJ, Serena C.

Hmmm.. when I saw her it was a total different makeover from the last event which was the Cleo’s Bachelor event in Year 2008. Still as wacky as ever and funny. Though at one time she did flash the Wacoal bra to the audience. (Sorry no pictures of this you people, even if there is, I’ll keep it LOL) So that’s all for today…….. *I’ll get killed for sure* So what are the people there waiting for? Since it’s Wacoal, it’s definitely a lingerie shot. Though first we were all introduced to the girls.

I have here only 2 notable ones (or rather cause all the photos taken, the photos did not turn out well).

Now tell me, who does the first picture resemble of? What about the second one?

Can’t think? Just put your mouse cursor on top the photo and you’ll find out the answer. How’s that for a change? One thing for sure, in an event like this, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get perfect photos with all the flash coming from left, right and with heads blocking the camera view. Though I wonder, how come were they wearing town short jeans? *strange*

You never know how interesting this event is, until you see a familiar face amongst the crowd and spectators. Who is it? Or who were they?

Ta dah~~~~ Recognise anyone?

So let’s talk less about this. Here are the girls. NSFW.

That’s Jesslyn. One of my friend’s favorite, well… he voted for her.

Sometimes shot are too close, the face appear clear but not the whole area.

The finale part of the whole show. Flowers on, and bra. (Duh… of course it’s a bra)

And more brassieres……..

Finally another bra, this time in pink color.

So which of you people here are now already drooling, then you really can’t control yourself. Haiyoh, it’s just an undergarment, control please control.

Conclusion : I find that though the contestants or rather the participants are so called the remaining 12 to be selected for the Calendar Girl from the mentioned 300 or 500 other hopefuls, I am sure there are better.

Well, anyway, I have to thank you Mist Club for providing the invites. Seems like I will be going more to Mist Club in the coming future.


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