Fashion Fusion in Times Square

A week ago, Daniel went to Times Square with the purpose of joining the Kokorobox Red Box Karaoke gathering but since he’s early there, he knows about the fashion show that will be on in the afternoon. What fashion show? It’s the Fashion Fusion 2008 from 9th to 16th August 2008.

Fashion Fusion 2008

Armed with only his trusty Nikon D40 with no external flash, he has to shoot at a higher ISO settings while lookng at other people’s gadget which consist of super powerful lens and flash unit. With a bit respect for them, Daniel went to shoot from a little bit side and hopefully he can still shoot nice photos.

Models In Shadows

Now speaking of this, it’s definitely going to be a fashion show, but what kind of fashion show though, that will be a different question. Daniel was wondering who are the models that are going to parade the walk. By the way, AaronWoolala was there along with his trusty Sony A200 to capture the scene.

So without further ado, I will keep quiet while I display the photos below. So enjoy the scene for someone who doesn’t use flash for his photos.

2 Models Parading

3 Posing Models

Upper Body Shots
Upper Body Shots… hehehe

Now here are some single shots, these are a few chosen ones that I chose to parade though.

Black Blouse Female Model

Black Blouse Female Model

Elegant Poise

Elegant Poise

Pink Blouse Model

Pink Blouse Model

Now noticed something similar with all of them. Daniel has observed that all of them wear glasses so he will think that it’s more of a glasses/spectacles kind of modelling. Well, maybe the theme that time was spectacles. Maybe one day Daniel can get their personal contacts and do some portrait shots.

Models Parade Finale

Models Parade Finale

Finally the show has come to an end, and it’s time to join a few shouters there. Who else is there? That’s for you to find out.

Want to see more shots, leave a comment and if there’s a huge response, Daniel might do a round 2 of more modelling shots.

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