DCIM Velocity Angels 2009

The past weekend, DCIM organized a photography fair or rather a camera fair. Well, so to say, I want to know how it feels like and thus I was there to patron myself to all the models cameras there. Since I miss the first opening two days, I went for the finale of the fair and so happens it was the Finals of Velocity Angels 2009 (model pageant). Then finally I saw someone familiar that was pretty much unknown when I first met her that time. I can’t believe I don’t even know her when I first met her last time in KL Plaza.

Amber Chia

None other than Amber Chia. Hmmm… alright the photo doesn’t do her justice as one of the most known models of Malaysia. Seriously I am glad I can get this closeup of her though. As usual I rely on my 55 – 200mm lens to do all my portrait shots.

There are lots and lots of other model photos, but since I only select a few photos to display on a blog and the rest for safekeeping for further gallery use in the future, I portray to you the Dancing Team.

Dance Club Girls

This was the only shot of them that turned out nice. Well, what with all the scuffling of human pushing each another to get a good spot to get some shots. Hmmm… Ya, the crowd was crazy. I meant, 2 years back when I was holding a camera, the crowd wasn’t a lot and not everyone can afford a DSLR or rather they would want to get a DSLR. Seems like DSLR is so common nowadays that anyone can just pick it up and proclaimed to be a photographer. Haihz…. Nevermind, D40 away and up comes D300. Hee…

Well, if you don’t want to join them, just be a bit different from the rest, well, of course if you have a Nikon D3X then you’re the big brother there.

Rowena DCIM Velocity Girls 2009

One of the finest shot for Rowena. Well, in fact Rowena is one of contestants of Velocity Angels 2009. I must say she look good. Nice smile she got there. One more thing, the hair, it’s long~~~~

Though she didn’t win it though, so I shall present to you the winner of the Velocity Angels 2009, Miss Felixia Yeap.

Felixia Yeap

Seems like there are lots and lots of models out there now, and that’s good for the eyes country. Malaysia should nurture them as much as possible.As a matter of fact, AlvinC, my photography partner in crime who was there did a post on Velocity Angels. Yup, you can see me there with the winners and contestants.

So for the album, congrats Felixia Yeap on your modeling contracts, your prize and your status as a model.

Amber Chia With Felixia and MC

Now what do you know, Felixia Yeap seems taller than Amber Chia???

I shall sign off for now as I now prepare for my next event. The BHP Orange Run coming up this 11/4/2009 Sunday. Is also a prelude and training for my upcoming hike to Mt Kinabalu. Well, it’s been awhile since I travelled.


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