Malaysian Dream Girls 2009 Mist Club

Haaa… it’s been already the week after the week after the week I was invited to go visit Mist Club for one event which is the Malaysian Dream Girls were meant to be there. To think though, I must thank a fellow blogger and friend for getting me in. Though to reach there, I need to be there at 6pm. But nevertheless, I think it was a good day to shoot.

Mist Club Malaysia Dream Girls Catwalk

What better day I had when I was there, I did not have to wait any longer and then you notice that the Malaysia Dream Girls 2009 participants are all dressed in lingerie and waiting to be snapped away. To think that, just look at all the cameras present there. Superb event hahaha… I think most guys enjoyed it.

Here’s another shot.

Lingerie Malaysia Dream Girls

Ahemzz… if only there weren’t any other photographers at the background to cloud the shooting, how nice it could be. Hmmm.. alright, I was busy shooting to even bother whether there were photographers there at the background, but just so happens that I forgot to change my lens and was stuck with the kit lens which is the 18-55mm.

I realised that mistake too late, and I couldn’t get any closer.

Mist Malaysia Dream Girls 2009 Lingerie Parade

But nevertheless, I think it was meant to be that the reason I didn’t change and also a good thing I didn’t change was to be able to capture the above scene. Lighting was utterly bad, but I’ll have to make do with it. Hmmm.. darn, I am having trouble typing properly as I write all these. Must be something wrong with my nerves.

Too bad though, after that I finally decided to change to a far reachable lens and then that’s how I got the following shots next. None other than the emcee for the night, one of the judges of Malaysia Dream Girls 2009, Elaine Daly in lingerie shot.

Elaine Daly

Ahemz… guys, please move forward with the post, well she’s a former Miss Malaysia. What do you expect then?

After that there were bunch of other events which I didn’t bother to shoot or rather to lazy to post up as I didn’t get the right lighting or just because it wasn’t worth posting up. It was more or less a commercial break to have bloggers and clubbers to mingle around, and one of the side event the organizers threw in was a dance choreography.

Dance Choreography

Dance and jiggle that waist. If I ain’t mistaken it’s a bit like belly dance, though I don’t see the bell thingy they usually hang at the waist.

Then on with the show once more, this time the girls doing their part to model certain gadgets.

Pinky With Handphone

Is this Ming? I think it is. If only she opened her eyes when I was shooting this.

Malaysia Dream Girls Gadget Model

With a bluetooth headset. Super slim. Err.. I meant to say both of them.

Cheong Sam Malaysia Dream Girls

Finally dressed in slender Cheongsam, a traditional Chinese dress, the Malaysian Dream Girls are up to their next challenge. To look alluring in it. Well, some really do look nice in Cheongsam.

Ming Malaysian Dream Girls Cheongsam

Finally Ming in Cheong Sam.

After all these photos, I wished I could show more, but then since the photos would take forever to load on the blog if I put more of it, I shall keep the rest of the photos in my archive for me to view it at my pleasure. Good day and have a nice time. Can’t we be greedy at times.

Personal opinion, I am a fan of Dawn~~~~~ shhhhh…..

More statistics of Dawn

Full Name : Dawn Lim Yeen Sze
Age : 23
Height : 170 cm
Weight : 49 kg
Vital Stats : 32 – 24 – 35 in
Profession : Economics grad
Hometown : Kuala Lumpur


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