Wacoal 62 – Come Fly With Me Le Meridien KL

On the Friday, 10th December 2010, Wacoal had a special event. It is called Wacoal 62 – Come Fly With Me. Well, since it’s a Wacoal I bet that most people would know what kind of event. I got in touch with the representative from Wacoal as I was invited to this event and here they present to me an invitation card. First of all I would love to thank Jerad for extending the invitation to me.

Wacoal Special Invite

Looking at the invitation, the only thing I required to do was to dress in a formal suit. Since it’s going to be an elegant cocktail function and the theme was Masquerade Night. After arriving in Le Meridien hotel located near KL Sentral, I proceeded taking photos of the runway that’s going to be fashion show for the guests. Yes, best time to take the location of the runway is way before everyone starts going into the hotel.

Wacoal Le Meridien Runway

As can be seen, the runway and the seating are limited thus I have to make full use of my time here. Before all things started, it’s best to go around snapping pictures of the area and also of course, the food.

Wacoal dessert

Ice cream? Or something that looks like ice cream but it’s actually wafer.

Wacoal Chocolate Dessert

Seeing the decorations on the food also makes me hungry.

Food Display

So I can’t stand it. I just have to take a whole picture of food galore. I am after all a person who loves food.

HEY!!! What about the fashion show? Why still dragging this thing on and on. Just hold your horses, we’ll come right back to that in a short while. Let me tell you something, I would be doing 2 posts for this, so I am sure you people guys especially out there would be able to get more to see from this event. What’s so special about it?

I think this post will be the most BRASSERIE photos ever.

Wacoal Green Floral Bra


A Green or Cyan Floral Pattern Bra on Display inside a clear box. Surprisingly it looks like a bikini. Based on the photo, I can feel that it has underwire.

Wacoal Cute Pink Bra


Seriously this one caught my eye. No no no.. not because of it’s color but the simplicity of the design. The ribbon there makes it stunning and the floral patters are simple.

Wacoal Bra Bust Measurements

By the way, I am still clueless on what this means on the label around the bra strap. I would guessed that the 75 means the measurement of the bust and the ‘C‘ is for the cup size. Someone who knows this, can they lend me a helping hand.

Hey… what the heck am I giving my opinions on bra. The girls should know better right? Please ignore me. So let’s go on to our main event. “Finally huh“. Yes, presenting to you the beautiful emcee for the night.

Wacoal Event Beautiful Emcee

Parfage, Moi Cree neo, Sorci and Sensuala would be the highlight of the night. Well, the emcee, Stephanie Chai was a stunning figure for that night too. Of course there was a welcome address by the Executive Director too to address the guest that night. Finally the ever beautiful voluptuous Stephanie Chai initiated the start of the show. While everyone was anticipating the start of the fashion show, something else was planned.

Violin Show

The violin greeting party was here. The music was impressive and got me entertained for the whole duration.

After what seemed to be quite awhile, the lights grew dim and finally what all the guest has been waiting for is going to start. For this you have to see my next post………………..

Of course NOT! Let’s get on with this. For the first show of underwear is from Wacoal Parfage.

Wacoal Parfage Model 1

Spotty Type Panties and Bra and Garter Belt and Leggings

wacoal parfage model 2

Bright Red Panties and Bra with Red Garter Belt and Leggings.

Wacoal Parfage Model 3

Yellow Mellow Panties and Bra

Wacoal Parfage Model 4

Green Pastel Brasserie

Somehow this is the only Asian model on the stage I guess. Doubt anyone of them is Malaysian as knowingly Malaysian models hardly model for lingerie (rather they expect higher pay when they do so. Just a speculation okay!! )

Wacoal Parfage Model 5

Simple Pink Flowery Brasserie and matching Pink Panties

Wacoal Parfage Model 6

Black Brasserie and Matching Black Panties

Amazing isn’t it? Lingerie turns into fashion these days. Ever wondered whatever happened to those yester years during our father’s time where underwear or lingerie should be worn inside and not for display. Of course, I am sure most of you still wear them inside. The only one I can think of who wears them outside is Super Girl? Hahahaha!! LAME. Well, but why the design?

First and foremost, after many insights and questioning and pondering and net searching (Ahemzzz..), clothes or anything one puts on defines a person. When someone dresses herself/himself to look good, it sometimes make them brew with confidence. Wacoal is doing that and is suitable for all type of sizes as can be seen from the photos above.

So, is that it?

Nope, you have just only seen the collection from Wacoal Parfage. Have you forgotten about the rest of them? There are still Moi Cree neo, Sorci and Sensuala left. I am sure most of you haven’t.

As time is getting short, I will portray the next post with an array of photos of the girls in lingerie. Well, I am sure Wacoal would love to promote all their lingerie and I am doing them a favor and also doing my viewers a favor.

Is this the end? Of course not. Do check back sometime tomorrow or a few days later.


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