Sun, Bikinis at ROXY Summer Splash 2008

Are you ready for Summer Splash? The time has come to reveal what is ROXY Summer Splash is all about! Well, not to be bothered about the crowd there, I am armed with my kit and off we go for Malaysia Seventeen ROXY Summer Splash.

ROXY Summer Splash Poster

All this took place in Sunway Lagoon. When it’s Sunway Lagoon, it’s bound to have sun, beach, girls in bikinis and guys. Though I must say previous years Summer Splash was fun compared to this time where there are too many people. Just how was the crowd?

Crowd Outside Sunway Lagoon

Ants or Homo Sapiens?? Previously it wasn’t like this. But then I guessed more and more people are exposed to the Internet and the people are all around. Well, I still managed to get my butt in even after all those commotion.

Greeted By Girls In Bikini

Been like 5 to 6 years since I ever entered Sunway Lagoon and lot of things have changed. But what happened to ROXY’s event? Slow down slow down, you’ll have a sneak preview of Roxy event later on. The crowd was crazily crazy. Sand were thrown here and there from the crowd whenever there was a live band and imagine photographers got their equipment all filled with sand. Ewww… Just how crazy people can get for such an event.

Crazy Crowd in Sunway Lagoon

Luckily I was on the stage meant for the media, or I’ll be sandwiched from there. So after all this while and you’re still reading this? Then I must say thank you! (I guessed most just skipped the words and look at the photos instead. Well, will have it up in Flickr in no time. Here’s what you’re about to see.

Limbo Rock

Failed Limbo Rock. Ho ho.. well, this is what it look on stage. Anyone recognized the guy in red? Hitz FM crew.

Balloon Bursting Butt

Some events that even include the Summer Splash Hunks with participants from the floor (bikini babes) are like balloon bursting with their butts. Hilarious.. the participants had fun (well they should, coz they get merchandises from ROXY for participating). Of course, I had fun too (heeeheee…..)

Now the Hunks and Cover Girl of Summer Splash.

First To Come Out!!

First Presentation

Second To Be Out

Bikini Babe and Guy

Third To Be Out

Hunk With Babe

Fourth To Be Out

Guy with bikini Babe

My favorite shot. Well, if you know what I mean? Can’t get enough of them, there’ll be another dedicated post just for the Hunks and Babes of Summer Splash 2008 next.

So these are the participants in the Summer Splash… shouldn’t there be more? Yes, there are more, if only the photographer who is in front of me didn’t stand right in front. Well, how did I get so close for those shots? Yes….. I am in the media and using my VR zoom lens. Now you have it.

nang it

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