For The Sake Of Outings

Days ago or rather weeks ago, someone came all the way back from Perth and back to Johor, South of Malaysia. Then from the South, that person came all the way up to Kuala Lumpur. Yes, and thankfully Devince planned this outing so we all can meet a fellow kokorian member called Puresky.

Yes, the planning was okay, but the amount of people there was errr.. humongous, though some are just there for the gathering I supposed.

The Long Gathering Table

Now you must be wondering who is this Puresky? Well, if you still remember the time when i was in Perth, and I posted up this following photo.

Daniel and Phoebe

Now after like a year haven’t met up, my mei mei (sister)  Puresky aka Phoebe is now back in Malaysia with a new photo.

Danielctw and Puresky

Looks like time has past and we all look a bit different from the previous photo. There are a lot of people there but due to certain people who does not want their identity expose here, I am only selecting the selected privilege few to post up.

Of course would like to thanks AaronWoolala for getting that shot up there. Oh yeah, Aaron was the other fellow camera guy with me.

Happy Shouters

The 3 shouters doing their pose. And in case you don’t know who is who. The one at the back is Joey a.k.a Vinspire. Hmm… as of date, all still single. 😛

For the sake of outings, people can go and meet with each another and just get to know each another from there. I sure glad that there is such thing as the Internet. Also glad that the term camwhore is around. It makes us does crazy things.

three weird people doing their weird thing

three weird people doing their weird thing



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