Prawns of Disctrict 9

Coming from a weird kind of attitude and being weird in self, I find that I got myself kinda intrigue to this new movie from Sony Pictures and produced by Neil Blomkamp. Yes, the movie I am talking about is DISCTRICT 9 and after watching it on Premier screening time last night at the Cathay Cineplex Damansara at Cineleisure (thanks to Nuffnang and Sony Pictures), I must say I do find it impressive that I felt that I have to write a review and my thoughts on it.

District 9 Header

Yup, I will only write my own reviews if I watched it on premier (a bit bias because if I watched it on normal screen time, why write the review? Everyone can just go watch it).Basically the name Disctrict 9 feels the same like what we’ve all grown to hear about Sector 7 or Sector 21 in the States, where there are so called alien studies going on. Funny though, this time the show didn’t really happen in the United States where all the monsters, super heroes gather, but in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. What a place to be, but all good for the plot.

Talking to Alien in District 9

For once, at least aliens don’t look like those big eyed 2 fingers thin stick kind of aliens. This time though, they look like prawns. Believe me, they call them prawns, there aren’t better name that I can conjure of though, since they really do look like prawns. I call them cute instead. The aliens here are more normal (humanoid) and seems to understand humans and not those aliens where the mission is to kill and destroy (Aliens series, Predator series).

PRAWNS??? Predator tentacle like

What Do I Like About This Movie?

After talking about the aliens, yes, I believe I love the prawns. The director have a different concept of alien forms. Okay, there are lotsa interesting gore that some people might grimace and not look at. The dialogue itself has lots of foul words which are to be said not for minors. Censorship is there but nevertheless there are scenes which if they were to go censoring all over, we’ll end up watching nothing but silent movie.

The aliens are so unpredictable, you can see head, legs, hands being pulled out from humans and eaten?? ROFL… it’s so funny when they filmed that part okay? <– Sadistic?? There are so many parts where there are blasting of alien technologies and you get to see bodies blast to smithereens due to the weaponry used.

District 9 Alien Attack Human heads

One cool thing though is that there is one scene which looks so much like Terminator. I really did laugh at the scene and the couple sitting beside me must be thinking I was mad when there are so many gross scenes and all I did was laugh?

So what the heck was the storyline??

It’s just about aliens landed 28 years ago, cohabited with humans. Then humans wanted to research on them to learn their weaponry system. Some guy went and got himself contaminated with alien DNA and then became the target of the human research team. So it’s now like Terminator, Rambo kind of movie, more or less, a fight for survival.

Wikus in District 9

What do I think?

I love this movie! It’s WEIRD.

Weird Horny Boy
Okay not as weird and horny like the little boy above.

It has Prawns as aliens. It has the unpredictable actions of an alien. They have finally chosen a typical main actor (not like those good looking, macho type of actor, *take that James Bond and Zac Efron and Twilight fanboys/girls*). This is what I call a whole darn good reality movie which at least showcases what ordinary human looks like. I just can’t wait for another alien movie such as this. Hilarious, but intriguing. Thank you once again, Nuffnang for the invites. Woo hoo~~~

ps : Yes, I’ll be updating all about my previous travel and stuffs, just need to get my photo organized
ps : No pictures on this outing? Well, wait till I get my hands on one.

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