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I am back from the Nuffnang Event of Mamma Mia. I must say I am impressed with the storyline of the movie premiere though I would say not many people around my age would enjoy with a reason. Why??

Amanda Seyfried mamma Mia Poster

First you’ll be looking at old actresses in sexy dresses with a mid riff top dancing and singing. Then also you’ll be seeing how young like the older actor and actresses tries to be. All this turn off the young guys. Yes, I also noted that there are many reasons why some people can’t stand it. Some of them in tinkitalks blog.

Funny though, I enjoyed the movie, maybe because I grew up with Abba music during my younger days. Besides it’s the movie that I enjoyed, the story line, I ain’t going there to look at busty babes or young girls. It’s a movie. Though I must say most other Nuffnangers that went there who were that generation did enjoy the movie. Mamma Mia is indeed nice, I shall go there once again.

Nuffnang Mamma Mia Souvenirs

Okay, first of all, a gathering of us at Burger King there actually got me to know some of the Nuffnangers there, which include Joshua, Sherry, CopyKate, Karena (Thanks for the spelling) . Even Wai Seng was there!! Well, didn’t get to know more of them due to me growing hungry on the burger. Still, I have to thank Nuffnang for providing me a souvenir for it. Yes Robb I know you were at the table there, just that I forgot to say hello to ya.. LOL… Sorry dude! I should have introduced myself properly to you man.

Nuffnang Group Photo
Picture Courtesy of

Good point for me, Amanda Seyfried was in the movie :D. Yes, I got the badges. Though I should have brought my camera though. Darn, in case you couldn’t recognised who I was there, here’s how I look like after the movie.

Sleepy Daniel

What the crap, I am with my sleepy face.

Btw here’s the list of attendees compiled by Joshua for the Burger King makan session.

Jentzen –
Andrew Wong –
YungChien –
Joseph –
Yatz –
Thomas –
Mike Yip –
Linora –
Teck Weng –
Andrew –
Wilson –
Karena –
Kelvin –
Sherry –
Au Yong Chee Keong –
Shaz –
Wai Seng –
David Cheong –
Julian Hopkins –
Zoe –
Daniel –
Hikaru –
Kate –

Yatz’s Gf Josephine
Wilson’s Gf Rachel
Julian’s Friend


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