BlupBlup MSD Softlaunch and Car Photoshoot Event

Last Saturday, the most hectic Saturday of the entire year, I had an invitation to an event. Well, the story was that I got an invite from BlupBlup, which mentioned that I was invited for MSD Soft Launch and a promising Car Photoshoot Event. This was what I received in the email.

Blupblup MSD Invite

Note the part saying that there will be BMW, Porsche and also the part which says, **there might even be girls. What’s a car road show without models right? Anyway I bet most of the bloggers invited can’t wait to know what’s in store for us there.

Reached there, and met some other bloggers there, well, good to meet up with old ones and new ones.

BlupBlup Entrance

Yeap, banner is there to invite us all into showroom. Ever wondered how big is the showroom?

MSD Inside Panaroma Showroom

Forgive me for the long pulled car view on the left side, was done using Adobe Photoshop’s stitching program. So far so good, only a few people were there and not many came yet. Of course each of us was given a t-shirt but somehow none of us wore them. Strange eh? I find it weird.

Yellow Porsche 911 GT3

Still, can’t stop taking photos of this Porsche. Power of UWA (Ultra Wide Angle).

Seemingly I am not so into cars as I am into computers (geek what!!!) but of course, when you see cars like that, you know it’s the real deal.

Simonso and DanielCtw

Here’s the man that made this event possible, Simonso from See his hair???? Special, I look short.

What about other things there other than the vehicles being surrounded by bloggers all around. Most people will take photos of the car itself. Somehow I found an interest on this BMW wheel. Weird right my taste?

BMW Wheels

Hmm.. 15″ or 16″ I ain’t sure. I don’t use a BMW.

Now let’s get back to what the invitation stated earlier. There will be light refreshments.

Small Refreshments on Table


There will be cars, Porsche, BMW and etc.

Sports Car on the Road

Porsche on Display


But where is the 3rd item? There would be girls???? I don’t see them. Of course not blaming them, it’s conditional. Thus I have to say a big thank you to Xiao Pei for posing then.

XiaoPei as Car Model

For those that don’t know this female blogger, do visit her blog HERE. Strange, I met her first before I met her brother whom I knew earlier.

Update : Just received a photo from Xiao Pei. Thank you for the photo.

Xiao Pei and DanielCtw

Finally, I left the place earlier before the next car came in which is an AUDI but nevertheless, I must thank you BLUPBLUP and also MSD for having this event. May we have more events for bloggers in the upcoming days.


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