ShoutOut in KL 2

So do you think you can shout? Then join ShoutOut at Well anyway where are the other pics? Don’t tell me only one picture for the ShoutOut gathering which was way back err…Aug 25 2007 something.. ho ho ho.. I think so.

Part 1 Here

3 Musketeers with 4th One

Ho la!!! This is me with Shaz. Look that’s David at the back! Aaron lingers at the background. Well, this time’s post is more of a camwhoring style. But then it’s good to get to know lots of people in gatherings like these.

Me and Wendy

Whee~~~~ it’s so rare to get a shot, when you have your own camera. So this time I am camwhoring with Wendy ( Well didn’t had this opportunity when was in Penang back then! So who’s next?

Angeline and Me

This time it’s Me and Angeline. I need to de-saturate the background as there got something “jor deng” at the back. Some unknown fella… hahaha… Saw her in Penang too, but this is my first camwhore shot with my own camera. Hmm… OK enough of camwhoring/gigolo-ing, why not look for something fun to take photos with.

WaterGun Effects

Water Pellets Flowing… Really need fast shutter. Dang, not enough light, have to on flash else the noise at the background is killing me! Well, guess where this is? Hahaha Anyway after looking thru this boring but “interesting” post, what’s next? I am sure most of you’ve been waiting for the upcoming post. Here’s a sneak preview.

Perth is Next


ps : If you people noticed, I am maximizing the width of the photos to fit. Well, I might change my template to suit better photo qualities and larger photos to see. So do bear with me as I help to serve you better. STAY TUNE!!

pss : To have a faster post on the upcoming trip, please support me. Come mali mali hum by clicking on the ads below. Thank you. 🙂


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