Madagascar 2 Premier Passes Nuffnang

Oh right, before I can say anything else, I should actually thank the sponsors for this show, well, to me they are my sponsors… I’ve got the invite for the Nuffnang Madagascar 2 movie a few days ago and boy did I enjoy the movie. Also thank you someone that got me into the next line of movie passes :P. You know who you are. ๐Ÿ™‚

Madagascar 2 Premier

To say the least, I was actually grateful that I got to watch this movie after my exhilaratingย  day in office, with so much crappy work to do. So it sure was a relief of headache and constant laughing in another night of movie, and yes… it indeed is laughable, alright…..

I am sure those who have watched the first episode was laughing about the antiques of the zoo friends, well, for me I sure did enjoy the second one as much as the first one too. Marty the Zebra, especially was entertaining. The famous one was the song “I like to Move It Move It, He likes to move it move it, We like to MOVE IT!!!!” Imagine animals all dancing to a movie and the part of the dancing lion.

In the first episode, or rather the first installment of Madagascar, the story main character revolves around the friends and barely mentioned about the penguins. Oh right, remember the penguins… XD they are back here alright and they are ready to kick some butt.

If you are a fan of cuteness, ๅ“ˆๅ“ˆๅ“ˆ!! Then I am sure a few of you would remember Mort the Lemur, the one with the cute eyes.

I Am Mort The Lemur

Well, Mort basically was more of a cameo role in here, and even though he was more of a pesky lemur. Well, don’t wanna give any spoilers so you’ve got to watch them yourself.

Well, just to touch a bit of the storyline, it revolves around the friends all are aiming to get back to New York and back to the zoo. Only to find themselves in Africa. The story also revolves around Alex the Lion who soon unfolds his past life as a lion cub in Africa. There are many twist and turn in the story, and there are also ‘mixed’ relationships happening.

One quote I love though is, “The name so nice, you need to call them twice!” Well, from this post you can see how much I thank Nuffnang and the people involved in this event a very very big thank you!!!!!

Also got to meet with other nuffies there. Well, glad to meet some familiar faces, CincauHangus, Karena and Eri Peng, YapThomas there to name a few whom I actually talked to. Also finally know who are wetwetwater, Chingy and also Robb.

ps : Bulat, when wanna go next movie?? LOL


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