I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution

Small Talk

How can someone ask someone to step down due to their photos being circulated on the Internet when it’s not her fault. That person needs to step down instead.

Just so happens that I haven’t cut my hair and was thinking of cutting it this week. Looks like I can delay it a little bit longer. What more, Nuffnang has once again done us bloggers a favor. A chance to win yourself a pair of tickets to the Dragonball Evolution premiere screening.

But then, what was I thinking about, how can someone ordinary like me transform and do something like Son Goku in Dragonball. Alright I was a fan of this manga way back when I was in primary school years. That explains how long ago it was.

See the plain me….

Plain Danielctw To Evolve
DanielCtw before something happened to him

I shall be what my first manga hero be, and this shall be my stance to take me towards the KAME HAME HA premiere screening of Dragonball Evolution.

As fans of Dragonball Z, yellow hair means Super Saiyan. You won’t get anywhere near it with my black asian hair. Now that doesn’t stop Super Saiya Daniel Chew.

Kame Hame Ha

KAME HAME~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hame Ha

HAME HA~~~~~~~~~~~

Feel the force of my KAME HAME HA, till it breaks out of the frame.

ps: I know my post processing of photos is flawed, but it does the job

pss: I spent too much time editing…

Daniel Poses Dragonball

The original photo. Darn, yes, that’s really my hair, I just added color. Even the uniform. So can I have my Dragonball Screening. Hehehe…



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