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pirates la… pirates la… danielctw sparrow… ho ho ho

pirates of the caribbean

Fui yoh, one of the biggest bloggers get together meeting. I mean WOW… the whole theater for us bloggers. Afraid I would be reaching there late, then I slowly slowly la… paiseh want to talk with any bloggers there. Did recognised a few of them….

Wait wait wait… you all know what I am talking or not??? Oh it’s the Nuffnang bloggers get together for a screening of Pirates Of the Carribean 3: At World’s End in Cineleisure Damansara. Being one of the quite unknown ones in the blogging community, I seriously don’t know what to do. So requested a second ticket, which I am glad that our boss(Timothy Tiah) here got me a second one. So to return the favor, surelah must got support. Don’t support how leh… thus I’ve got NottiQiki to go with me.

Me & NottiQiki

Let’s talk about the people. It’s my first time seeing a few of the bloggers there. At first my mind couldn’t register who was who. Till I met Splashmilk. Dang, last time I met him I was still keeping my longer hair, now with short hair, he’s like clueless… ho ho ho…

So considering got another kuchi minor blogger going along with the name of May in this event, so of coz find her first lor. So sorry didn’t kacau the rest of you all. It’s the first event after all. Too bad I couldn’t go home and prepare my wat to wear costume for this wonderful event. Why? I came straight from office… sad rite? So of course I am in my office clothes. Kinda formal compared to the rest of them.

Make sure You All Come Again Ar!! pic taken from Kenny Ng

Haihz… talking about bad experience, this is the first time the movie I sat in, I need to go for an emergency break midway thru the show. And one thing, I am trapped in the middle seat area. “Oh shit… sei mei! Like this I will kena lor…. beh tahan liao… ” So sorry for all the people sitting surrounding me that you have to give lee way for me to go out and come in back to the seat. Sorry sorry sorry…. spare me…

For those people that I saw and could recognize but I didn’t get a chance to talk to you all, Smashpop, Jen, Kimchi, Rames, VVens and others which I can recognised but forgot what blog names, sorry ya.. Next time will go straight to you all. Sure can camwhore hahaha…

Hardly Visit Damansara lor.. so just take a ah pek style of photo. Ha ha ha. Sorry ya, no take with slow shutter as no tripod. Ha ha ha.. so background sure blur

So once again thanks Nuffnang for this really great time. Also first time receiving free tickets for a movie. I had a pretty hard time finding my way home haha. sorry lah… I no drive in Damansara area one. Some more I got a ‘super keng chao’ road navigator in Bulat. *fast fast run if not she start rolling*

ps: Will try to upload the photos later… This post is rather dull without pictures right. Now where’s my camera???

Edit: Realised not all the photos are nice!! Ho ho ho!


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