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Jump As Much You Like

You know what to do? Everytime someone is on a holiday or going somewhere, it’s good to jump, but some jump in a very creative way. Well, some of them jump like how some other people jump, some wanted to do it a bit ...Read More

Visit To Kuala Terengganu

Welcome To Kuala Terengganu, that’s what the signboard says. Well, actually one would have figured that Terengganu would have been kinda old town but there is a China Town in Kuala Terengganu. I was amazed actually and this signboard was actually what greeted us ...Read More

Beautiful Redang Sceneries

Not enough of Redang, the first part of the Redang crashing was more of the people that are in the trip. Well, it was at first hard to organize a trip such as this, but then looks like I enjoyed doing it. LOL… If ...Read More

Redang Kalong Got Crashed

Would you believe it’s now already one week after the first day of Redang Island trip with fellow and friends and ShoutOuters. It was that long, it really is. Here am I sitting and pondering, what a wonderful time most of us had. Well, ...Read More

Redang Trip June

Don’t know what to say, but let’s take a break from another Sabah adventure and focus on what’s coming up next? Yes, there will be a trip up to Redang Island in the coming month, though the number of people going is still not ...Read More

No Redang Cleanup 2007 For Me

What??? Do I see the title correctly? What do you mean no Redang Cleanup? Yes, it means what it meant to be. This year, I have to forego my Redang Island annual cleanup held at Redang Kalong. Yes, it is the Redang Island situated ...Read More

Redang Underwater Photo

danielctw‘s buddy shots underwater ————————————————————————————————— Hola…. as promised danielctw was trying to get some underwater shots and I am glad that someone in the trip got some of those pictures for you to see. Well these shots are all taken underwater, and it was ...Read More

Pulau Redang Revisited

danielctw is armed with his Casio Exilim EX-Z750 (not DSLR) ————————————————————————————————— It’s sad to leave the island after just like 4 days there. I wished I could stay there longer. Maybe I should have been beach boy and just stay there and forgot all ...Read More