Clear Redang Underwater Photo

Hola…. as promised danielctw was trying to get some underwater shots and I am glad that someone in the trip got some of those pictures for you to see. Well these shots are all taken underwater, and it was magnificent, even I was amazed myself. Damn… I really need to get those macro lenses for my new camera. Must survey again for a new camera.

Maybe I should create a wish list at my side panel. So, why not let the pictures do the talking? I am sure you’ll all like to view photos more than me blabbering about. Here they are… Warning: This post can only be taken while diving, trying to take these kind of pictures while snorkeling will only make you drink sea water WAHAHAHHAHAHA

Morray Eel Redang
From redang

I love this shot, rare to see the morray eel come out to pose

baraccuda water
From redang

Wah… Barracudas, be afraid be very afraid Oh ya…don’t you think underwater world is kinda creepy. Nope… this is what I call fun. I had the opportunity to sea a giant marble ray, but too bad my camera’s flooded. Need to get a new one for myself now. Who can recommend me anything? That’s all, no more pics? Wait wait, dun close this window la…still got more pics coming.. everyone’s beloved fish clownfish or usually we all just call it Nemo ..

Clownfish Redang
From redang

Nemo & Dad together haha

Clownfish 2 Redang
From redang

I love this shot Dad + Nemo + Nemo’s Darling *grins*

Nudie Branch Redang
From redang

A Nudie Branch – Nice colors leh So what do you think of the underwater world? For those that haven’t had a look at how Redang looks like on the beach front. You may have a look here. Or just visit the whole Redang Link =P


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