No Redang Cleanup 2007 For Me

What??? Do I see the title correctly? What do you mean no Redang Cleanup? Yes, it means what it meant to be. This year, I have to forego my Redang Island annual cleanup held at Redang Kalong. Yes, it is the Redang Island situated on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Huh? There was an annual cleanup? You guys/gals didn’t know eh? Hmm have a look at this blog post at eXploitTravel *site not valid anymore* and you might get a clearer picture then. Yes, if you’re diving you’ll get 7 project dives and if possible an additional leisure dive. 🙁 *Cries* I really wanted to go, only that I dilly dally and wasted my time making the decision. Also with the D40 camera that I’ve just bought and also the trip recently in Perth, my financial backing is kinda limited.

Well, there’s always a next year and I can also wait for the upcoming ShoutOut trip in Redang or Perhentian either in May or June 2008. Wheee~~~~

But then I will miss my friend the Morray Eel, Blue Spotted Sting Ray, Puffer Fish, Parrot Fish and many many others. Looks like it’s time to have a few look at my friends there.


My friend Razor the Murray Eel. Haha.. sorry I can’t help it. I love to give these cute animals’ names.

blue spotted stringray

Raymond the Blue Spotted Sting Ray!! Looks like I need to dive again next year to see you too.

Turtle Redang

Whee~~~ Turtles…. it’s so nice to see you there once again. Next year though!


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