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A few weeks back, it was destined that the North Eastern monsoon would finally subside. It was 6th March 2015 and perhaps a road trip to Terengganu would be awesome. This time the destination would be Redang Island once more (Been there a few times already), but there is something different this time.

I would love to write about the whole trip, but I would not like to bore you with details like how did I spent my time in Kuala Terengganu at China Town near the Waterfront.

china town kuala terengganu

The food there was awesome. The environment there has since change since the land reclamation. The never ending Lion Dance at night due to Chap Goh Meh (last day of Chinese New Year).

We will instead go direct to what our post was meant to present instead of Hotel J Suites bedroom photos and reviews about how convenient this place and how affordable it is.

J Suites Hotel Room Terengganu

Though if you must know, it is a great place to bunk in for the night before the next day’s trip to the island.

Yes, time to finally make the journey to Berjaya Redang Beach Resort, the other side of Redang Island where I have not been yet prior to this trip. Here are some things one should know though.

  • Berjaya has halted all their flights to the island (thus it is now not accessible by air).
  • Merang Jetty is not the jetty to go to Berjaya Redang Resort.
  • Jetty Syahbandar is located around the Kuala Terengganu Waterfront. Return journey cost RM110 per pax.
  • Do book in advance to secure your seats on the ferry (there are only 2 timings that they travel on low peak and thrice when it is a high peak season)

The journey took at least 45 minutes to finally reach the island.

Berjaya Redang Beach Resort Path 2015

Welcome to Berjaya Redang Beach Resort. Amazingly the place just reopened on that week that I was there. Low Peak season is definitely a great time to go if you are not a ‘crowd person’. The place is quieter compared to Long Beach (the other side of Redang Island). After arriving to the island, we (yes, there were others) checked in our respective rooms and have a look around. This is what I could see from my balcony facing the ocean.


At the balcony, the splendor view of the ocean was breathtaking. I always loved vacation on the beach/island and the clear water totally strike it. One thing though that I was complaining was the unavailability of a beach front which other resorts have. Guessed that will have to do since the resort is on higher ground.

Side Note:

There is a small beach though one have to walk down a flurry of stairs to go there. The place is called Teluk Kuah.

Anyway, I have always thought that Redang Island was just an island with resorts that little did I know, there also exist a town on this side of the island. There is a school, police station, postal office and what you would expect of a town. Anyhow let us get back on track.

Anyway since there is no beach, the resort made it up to the guest by having a swimming pool. I still continued to complained about how this pool is still not the sea and Yen (yes of course she was there too) said I am just like a child, wanting to go to the sea.

swimming pool berjaya redang beach resort

The resort also have a gym for the guest for usage. Not bad considering I had a go with the equipment and at least it was not all eat and relax but also some time to shed those extra calories and look good.

gym facilities berjaya beach resort

The sea I wanted to go and to the sea I shall go.

daniel chew pose redang island

Yes, that is the beach at Teluk Kuah, after going down the steps. Behind me is the place called Marine Park. MMarine Park is just opposite if one is staying at Berjaya Redang Beach Resort. This shot does no favor in promoting how beautiful the island is but due to my limited phone calibre to take awesome photos (unlike the DSLR ones), that is all I could muster. Basically the sea side is shallow and there are corals where ever one step since this area is gazetted as Marine Park area. I jumped walked into the sea and at least got to witness some fishes and played with a few sea cucumbers.

Without knowing, I was thinking of swimming in the sea, snorkel and this had to happen.

danielctw short nap beach sea

I got Caught Napping!!!!

Do note that a trip to Marine Park would cost RM35 per pax all in (inclusive of Marine Park conservation fees – RM10). A place that I did not go though.

The first day was all leisure around the resort. Finally it was the next day and a day I was looking forward to. Time to jump into the sea.

daniel chew snorkeling Redang

“Oh! How I Miss the Sea/Ocean”

Scuba Diving have to wait once again while I do my snorkeling for awhile. There was another family that followed the boat that brought us to locations to snorkel. Since most of them were new to this, I taught them how to use your own saliva to wipe the glasses of your snorkel mask on the inside to clean and get a better vision. If you did not know that, try this next time when you would one day go snorkeling.

Anyway, here are some notable things that I noticed while snorkeling aside from the usual fishes (parrot fish, common clownfish)

  • Jellyfish – Seen lots and lots of it during this time of year. It seems they favored the hot part of the sea. While swimming, I came to a part of the sea where it is warmer and suddenly right before me a group of jelly fishes could be seen. They were not poisonous but they also do sting though.
  • Turtle – Amazingly the beach boy (term for the guides) brought us to see turtles swimming under the ocean while we were on the boat. I also had an encounter while snorkeling as the turtle was swimming towards me. It was huge. I guessed it was looking for food as it was swimming towards the shore to look for jelly fishes for food. Anyway it got frightened as it came closer to me and off it went. Awwwww…
  • Black Tip Shark – This is definitely one of the rarest thing I have seen while snorkeling. It was about 4 to 4 1/2 feet long shark with a big head. It was so close and it was swimming amongst the shallow water. I seen it swimming along the coral reefs right about 5 meters in front of me. I had a glimpse once and it was gone, then I saw it again. I called out to another snorkeler to witness the shark and there the shark was there again, swimming along the shallow waters and definitely closer than before.

Beautiful creatures of the ocean. The shark was probably the best experience I ever had. Too bad I did not have any underwater equipment to capture these scenes and photo.

After coming back from our snorkel trip, we head straight to the beautiful sandy beach on the other end of the road. We got a transport to go over there and it took about 10 minutes on a van. I could not imagine walking there though.

the lonely coconut shell

Finally a place for me to use my Nikon D300. This lonely broken coconut shell was left on the clear white sand. I just have to have a shot.

With such perfect sand and clear blue sea, nothing beats taking a photo there.

redang beach resort blue sea

I remembered clearly I wore this shirt previously when I was in Redang Island (back then I was smaller in size).

Redang Jump 2007

Yup, same shirt and the year then was 2007. (Yup that’s Ek Wei* and me jumping) Almost 8 years ago and boy, does time flies.

* He was the one you will get to see on my trips to Tibet and also South Korea.

Read all about my accounts in Redang Island that year here.

The waves were so calm and the effect of hearing it was great.

calm waves of redang

The feeling of the waves brushing against your feet as your feet goes deeper into the sand. If only I could revisit the island once again. (Making plans for Redang Cleanup this October 2015, so who wanna join?).

Anyway before the end of the post, here are some thoughts I have about staying in Berjaya Redang Beach Resort.


  • Remote and quiet as it is the only resort on this side of the beach.
  • Lots of facilities for those wanting to make use of it.
  • You are able to walk into the town to have the local food and also explore the local area.
  • Security wise, the resort is guarded.
  • Food was excellent as it was well prepared. (During the low peak season, you will get a set meal to choose from instead of the usual buffet when there are lots of crowd)


  • Everything is chargeable if it is not included in your package (snorkeling trip, meal package, rental of snorkel equipment).
  • No beach unless you can call a small area a beach (Teluk Kuah, I am looking at ya).
  • The beautiful beach is 10 minutes away by vehicle. (One can also rent a motorbike for RM85 per day though)
  • Not accessible to the famous long beach (More More Tea cafe from the film) unless one took the jungle trail (45 minutes journey).
  • No snorkel equipment given to guest if it is not a snorkeling trip as all equipments have to be returned once a trip is done. So one could not snorkel near the resort.

These are the ones that I noted, but if given the choice, I would prefer somewhere accessible to the beach easily. The feeling of not being able to jump straight to the beach with my snorkel equipment on made me felt hapless.

Redang Island or Pulau Redang, you sure gave great memories since year 2004.

Resort Review
  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Friendliness of Staff
  • Price


Quiet place and secluded from the other resorts. No long beach though. No beach to jump straight but all in all still a great place to relax if you love hanging about the resort. If one could afford though, Taaras beach on the other side of the road would be perfect.

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