1 Day Healthy Trip to Broga Hill

A day trip to Broga Hill, which meant that there will be lots of hiking and sweat. First things first, where is this location?

Location of Broga Hill

Broga Hill is situated near Semenyih, Selangor. The hill which is 400m above sea level, sits on the edge of the Titiwangsa Range, on the border of two states, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.

Broga Hill 3D Map

If you are coming from Gombak LRT Station, the journey takes about an hour with a distance of 55 KM.

What Time to Depart To Broga Hill

Ever since social media existed, going to Broga is not some place you would expect with least crowd. It reminded me of back then when Tabur Hills was also not known to most people and it also has few visitors.

Of course the better option would be to actually find a place to bunk in the night before departing so that you will have enough rest before the hike rather than the long trip driving. Staying in Cheras rest house or maybe in one of those Puchong apartments will be a great enough deal.

Healthy Trip Means Early Morning

As with all hiking trails to hill tops, the aim is to be there on the hill top before the hot sun, thus it meant to be on the hiking trail before the sun rises. This is the optimum time as you would not be getting a very bad sun burn. Thus optimum time would be around 5am or 6am to arrive at the foot of Broga Hill. Being early also ensures the air is least polluted thus ensuring a healthy trip for one.

Best to avoid going up after a rain, as the slope would be slippery. Though this is something which this blogger did and he had a lot of fun. Well, do note to always be aware of your surroundings though. The trip up there starts with a walking trail towards the base of the hill.

Broga Hill Healthy Trip Trail Oil Palm Plantation

The trail will go through an oil palm plantation. Of course as with all hiking trips, do ensure to bring enough water and emergency food.

The trail would take about 15 – 20 minutes walking speed. Once on the base of the hill, the slope would be about at an angle of 30 – 40 degrees to hike up. This hill climb will be adventurous for some and it will take about 15 to 20 minutes to reach to the first checkpoint.

Daniel Chew & Yen at Base of Broga Hill

See the image above. That is where everyone is hiking up that angled trail.

What is On The First Check Point?

Once you’ve reached the top, you will have a breath taking view and also an awesome photo shooting point. Here are some perspective shots.

Top View from Broga
View from the First Check Point of Broga Hill

If you are getting a little bit more adventurous, you may climb this big boulder and have a striking pose. I must say sometimes, a healthy trip is worth a life worth of photos.

Mouse Law & Daniel Sitting on A Boulder

To make your climb look fantastic, have a friend to help take photos while you are up there. Hiking up alone is fun but having a friend to help take photos would ensure you have memories of that experience in pictures.

Hiking Up The Boulder

Hiking Up the Boulder

Fancy having a new profile photo for your Social Media with a new striking pose, the above location would be a perfect show.

The above photo is basically a trail further ahead once once has reached the first check point. As we actually started the trail at 8 AM, the weather is starting to get hot, thus we (we had a group of us) had to start trekking back down. One of us was actually on the foot of the hill waiting for us (well, he actually had a look at the hill and decided to not continue).

So adios to the next trail, as depicted above. I will be back to conquer Broga one day and perhaps get better photos. The descend took about 15- 20 minutes as the slope was slippery due to the after rain effects. Be prepared to get mud on your hands and fingers as you used whatever rock, rope hanging alongside the slope.

Farewell Broga

If you did not bring any water, you would be glad to know that there are stalls selling drinks at the beginning of the trek, ranging from water, carbonated drink and also coconut water. The drinks are costlier (as always due to the need for it and knowing that people would pay to get water). Always do remember to maintain your health thus ensure that you would also enjoy a healthy trip to anywhere in the future.


As this was a short day trip, this trail is recommended for those who have gotten used to trail and hike for a while. I find that it is not recommended for those who wants to use this as their first trek. Of course, if you felt that you are fit, do try this location.

As always stay safe and be on the lookout at the surroundings. Falling rocks might occur from the person trailing above as land could corrode.

Of course if you would like to know more about what lies ahead after the first check point here is a post which detailed the journey very well.

Excellent Place for Avid Hikers... Do come early though

Place for Avid Hikers

If you love some slope, this the place to go. Get up as early as 5 AM and reached there about 6 AM.

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