Bukit Tabur Before New Year

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Oh…looks like new year has just past and what a way to spend the new year. At home watching Astro on the Animax channel. Hahaha!! Well, prior to the new year on the 30th Dec 2006, I had my share of fun climbing up the hill nearby. I mean it’s a hill made out of quartz and basically it’s a challenging climb for my other friends that went up with me. Well, how can I say it’s challenging if you yourself didn’t experience it yourself. Well, it’s no ordinary climb like how where people usually going up the hill is like a jungle track where all one does is just walking up all the way.

Well enough of the talks and texts. Maybe it’s time to show what’s it all about with pics.bukit tabur rope climb

Yes we do go down the hill with ropes

Imagine, we’re like on the same level with KL Tower. O.o Shocked eh?? Here’s another shot on the top of the hill.

view dam on bukit tabur

Look at the Klang Gates reservoir from the top

Yes this place is a ridge around Taman Melawati near the Klang Gates reservoir. You get to see the whole lake there. I mean “Now that’s high enough!”.

East Side Bukit Tabur

Look at the other peak

See the other mountain top there. That’s where we came from before reaching the next peak. All in all, there are 7 peaks to conquer. It was a nice 4 hour climb, well it could be faster if we weren’t busy taking photos for all of you =P

My friends were exhausted after the climb, but it was worth it. Let’s go up again.


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