Upcoming Challenge Climb

The following week, I guess I won’t be around for the whole week. Now where am I going? Well, if you have known me for a long time, you will know that I am known to have gone to many places which I will try to challenge myself. Well, since I am still at an age where I can go for adventures, thus why not?

daniel climbing Bukit Tabur

Some activities that are deemed challenging are like the normal hill climbing activity which I’ve done for a few times. Climbing up Bukit Tabur is really challenging to some, with proper misconduct during this climb can result in serious injury or in a worst case scenario death. So far so good, all groups that I have brought up with me are very diligent and obedient. From the heights, I’ve even been to the deep. The deep??

Diving Daniel

Yes, if you haven’t been reading my previous old old posts, then you will never know I am also a certified scuba diver. Well, I’ve been a diver for the past 2 years. Time flies… eh.. though haven’t been actively involved in any underwater photography yet. It will come soon.

But now the new upcoming challenge. What do you think it is? Here are some clues.

Gadgets For Next Trip

So can you guess where is this next challenge? Well, some of you already know about this upcoming stuffs. Well, that’s a torch light and water resistant gloves. I just bought these 2 items today, so there goes my cash. I still got few more things to get before I go on this journey.

Sometimes, we just have to enjoy our life as much as possible while we’re capable. Though of course, everything must have limits too. Don’t overdo it too.



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