Bukit Tabur West Trail Climb 2012

Fuh~~~ after being so long in the working world, it looks like as though I do not have so much time to enjoy the outdoors like I used to do. Well, after what seemed like 4 whole years since my last Bukit Tabur hiking trip, it was time to revisit this superb nature place in the heart of Kuala Lumpur town.

Bukit Tabur East Top 2012

The date was 11th February 2012, it was early in the morning. It was a breathtaking morning where the sun is still just waking up and glowing behind the mountains. The surroundings were still misty and this created a feeling of how great is the scenery all around us. If only some of us took time to view how beautiful is God’s creation, we will begin to appreciate all the beautiful landscapes.

Butterfly Bukit Tabur

Of course, this is where I come in and that is why I brought my camera up to Bukit Tabur to tell you what you will be missing unless you try this hike yourself. The butterfly was one of the attraction up there. Shot using a 55-200mm Nikkor lens at ISO 640.

Bukit Tabur 2012 Scenery

Just like before, the scenery atop Bukit Tabur is beautiful. This time there were more mist than usual as the previous night it was raining and lucky for us, the land going up has already dried up and our shoes were not stuck in wet muddy trails. The water below is actually the reservoir lake.

This is only the first hill and the scenery is definitely pretty up there. I wished I could stay longer to take some photos but alas, I did not go alone.

Bukit Tabur 2012 Older Folks

From left: Aunty Soh Ching, Mum, Dad, Mrs Chong, Mr Chong, Mr Lee, Aunty Siew May

The oldest person who joined this hike up Bukit Tabur is a 70 year old man. The youngest being only early 40s. I am not counting myself in though. My mum and dad joined this hike too and though me being the youngest in the group, it was definitely great to see people who are older but very geared up to take part in this hike up Bukit Tabur (Tabur Hill).

The best part about this hike, though how dangerous it looked, as long one pays attention and listen to orders and do not play around, this hike is definitely enjoyable. Also I always love to offer this challenge to new people who seeks challenge. If a 70 year old uncle and aunt can make it to the top and down, why not you who is younger? Of course, the hike could actually should take about 2 hours up and down. We took 5 hours though.

Rant In Quotes Below. Read with Caution

Sometimes we think that we are getting too modern, we felt like we do not need to exercise. Exercise is the thing of the past. Going to gym to build big muscles seems the greatest thing. Though let me say something here, being fit is not about going to gym to bulk up, or use some exercise machine like the tummy bouncer (Ogawa machines) to make one slim down. It is all about using your energy to exercise, not only certain part of your bodies but everywhere. Being coop up in the house or the gym is just bad air for your lungs. Thinking that life should be just like it is and not doing anything because this is your life, think again.

What about me? The reason why I love doing all this is because I do not want to be when I am 60 to 70 years old, I do not have the strength to play with my grandson or granddaughter. I do not want to be just a fragile old man. I rather keep myself healthy rather than binge on food.

Well, anyway putting that aside, Bukit Tabur is still one of the greatest hill to climb. The only thing that was missing is the hard rope absailing that used to be on one of the rocks. Now it is just steps and hand rails at that specific spot. Of course, there is one where one have to use their hand and feet coordination to climb down the cliff using the rope. A mistake in letting go your hand will result in falling down the cliff below and never to be seen again.

Bukit Tabur 2012 Group Photo

What has become of me? Since 2011, I have now gained 6kg. I am looking forward to gaining at least another 4kg to have a very lean body. Definitely not going to put on another 4kg of fats. This is my aim for the year 2012.

DanielCtw Bukit Tabur 2012

Until then, till many more strange and weird and exciting adventures to come in the year 2012. Well, I perceive that the year 2012 will be a great year. Why shouldn’t it?


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