Bukit Tabur Year End Climb

So think of climbing the hills once again. Yes, I went up to Tabur Hills or Bukit Tabur. This time bringing a group of 3 guys and 3 girls. Well, include me then it’s 4 guys and 3 girls. Haha… what can I say about this trip? Well, they’re all beginners and never had any experience climbing up a hill, well one said they climbed once on this hill but only half way.

Well, what’s so special about this Tabur Hills a.k.a Bukit Tabur? I am sure many of you know that it’s a quartz hill that is scalable and needs usage of hands to do it.

Be warned though, if you don’t want to get your legs and hand scarred, get a glove and it’s funny, looking at the group I brought having difficulties scaling down the slope using the rope. Well, I even need to offer my knee to one of them. Anyway best you people take a look at the photos instead.

Bukit Tabur Over The Lake

I can see the dam and the water contained in it. Fuiyoh, shocking. Imagine falling down from here. Hehehe… well Tabur Hills is indeed worth the climb up till 6 hours the longest journey I had. Though I did finished it in 2 hours before.

Mouse Law with Fake Climb Up Rock

LOL!!! OK, this is fake, even the expression is fake. It’s not as taxing as that, but you really do need to use hands. Well, want to know how tough, just carry on looking.

Way Down Bukit Tabur

Yes, it was a climb to remember and yes, we went for Tom Yam after that. Well, I can still organize another trip and if you want to climb too, just drop me a line or a message. 🙂 Last but not least, enjoy the rope short movie clip below.

Edit : Movie clip not loading from YouTube so stay tune for the video update later.


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