Frasers Hill

Monday makes danielctw wants to sleep

Oh boy, Monday Monday. But then so?? So back to my travel logs. Where the heck I’ve been these few days? Ok, not really few days, but then 2 weeks ago, was in Frasers Hill. Yeah, and just yesterday danielctw climbed up Bukit Tabur again.

Being in Frasers Hill seems to relished my memories of being there when I was like 8 years old or maybe younger. One thing though in difference with all the Highlands I’ve been, this place sort of good to go for a one day trip. I miss those days where there was a gap gate, where vehicle goes up in one hour while those wanting to come down the gap road must wait for another hour. Well, those were those times. Now with the new road, everything has changed. The unique gap time no more has it’s uniqueness.

What the heck… so I went to Frasers. What I did there? Hmm…basically just to look back at this place where it was so fun during my younger days and of course to provide you readers a few place to visit. Well, if you’re looking for a holiday highland getaway and something much more cheaper than Cameron Highlands and quiet, this is a place to be. Condusive for camps too. If you love old style British buildings, here’s the place to check it out too.

Being in Frasers, if you’re a golf enthusiast just play golf there for a whole day. There’s a big golf course just when you reached the town area. Jungle walks are also a favourite activity around here. Oh ya, why is it called Frasers Hill, it’s a guy name Frasers who build a town here, thus the name Frasers Hill. (something like that).

Being so bored, I decided to check out one of the resort here. Shahzan Inn. Oh my, not a bad place. The meal(lunch) they provided superbly spectacular..ok ok… maybe I was hungry! 0.o But then their presentation was also not bad. Oh ya…I got it on the house. *I see jealous eyes looking at me*

I’ve got to admit, I am mightily impressed with their services. What more, their receptionist also quite cute Hehehe…. ok skip that. Well, if you’re thinking of bringing your family up here, well look no further, got a playground here. Oh and there’s an annual Bird Watching Activity every June. Got to get back to my office work now. Enjoy!! Seeing the bed photo makes me wanna take a knockout sleep first… Darn darn tired


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