A Memorable Hiking Trip at Sungai Pisang

Another day, another hike onto the river of Gombak.

Introducing Sungai Pisang

Sungai Pisang or if translated literally, it’s basically Banana River. Never actually know why it’s called Banana River or Sungai Pisang though. Well, maybe I will leave that for people to find out.

Beginners Rejoice

Hiking here can be done in a day as the trek is good for beginners going into trekking. There is hardly any hill to climb unlike Bukit Tabur and Broga Hills. Just be prepared to get wet and do bring suitable equipment for this hike which involves in getting oneself into knee deep waters. This also depending on the weather and the amount of water flowing in the river.

To get started, here are the basic equipments

  • Shoes (that are suitable to walk in water) – One may instead opt to walk barefoot while in water
  • Change of clothes
  • Food (cue energy bar, gel, bananas (Sungai Pisang, why not bananas?)
  • Waterproof bag (to put all those clothes, food, camera)
  • Lastly…. yourself

Now Where To Start?

Basically there are two entrances, one using the Karak highway while another one would be by going through the old roads in Gombak. One can locate this area by using waze with the name Sungai Pisang. Parking here is limited so best to be early. As a support for the locals, a charge of RM5 is charged per car. You may waze for Muka Sauk Sungai Gombak.

Arrived around 7 AM but parking is already limited. Hike starts with a road.

Sungai Pisang Gombak Road

Turn into the small road and we will finally be walking on stones in water. Though before that, we will be walking alongside the river.

From Road to River Walking

After the road walk, it is time to get a little bit wet. Also do note that the floor may be slippery due to moss growth.

Once we have finally reached the river, you will noticed few people do set up camps. Though I am baffled though as to why a camp is set up in the middle of the water way.

Rocks are aplenty here along the river. This is where one might have to step into the water to go across

Water level varies depending on weather.

Note : Do not go to this place when it just rained the past few days. You will never know when the current of the river might change with the water overflow from the waterfall.

To Trek or Not To Trek

So moving forward, it is time to brave the water and walk towards the source of this trail.

One went forward to survey the steps. Me, self proclaimed experienced trekker slipped and fell down on my buttocks while walking. It is way slippery at some of the rocks.

Our next destination after this would be the tunnel below the highway.

Tunnel Below the Highway

It feels like a tradition where everyone who has trekked along Sungai Pisang will be taking photos at this iconic location. The tunnel below the highway. Water is deeper at one end so do observe your steps here.

Instead of the normal pose directly in front of the tunnel, let’s have another perspective.

8 Human Beings Braving the Adventure and perhaps getting wet in the process. The other end is deeper, thus the tunnel on the other end is less used by people.

The Jungle After the Tunnel

After walking through that short 2 to 3 minutes walk in the tunnel, it is time to walk through the water and across the flowing river and jungle.

Walking in a place full of trees, makes one wonder if there is paradise in within the capital city of Malaysia. Photographers would love this place as a setting for their photos.

There are uprooted trees, so beware of slippery areas, sharp points. The walk here would take about 20 to 30 minutes for a slow breeze walk towards our next destination. Instead of rushing towards the next point, have some fun looking around the area for things one can see in the area.

Sungai Pisang River Trek

Perhaps the different species of flora and fauna around the area which one could not witness in the city.

The Sungai Pisang Waterfall

This is the final destination after that simple trek. A perfect place to take a group photo after reaching the waterfall.

The whole thing took about only like 1.5 hours to trek (a slow and steady trek), so it should be good enough after the hike to either spend some time in the waterfall and perform your poses.

Knowing Daniel Chew as the blogger who loves taking such kind of photos, here is one.

Pretending to be Massive. I think I went to gym past few weeks before the trip.

And there you have it, Daniel Chew doing things like how Daniel Chew does it. Posing like he used to.

After that it was time to trek back the same way one came from or to use an alternative way which would be walking along the Karak Highway (not recommended if you do not want to be walking with the hot sun shining).

Ending Messages

This place is definitely good for beginner. If you love nature, this is one recommended trek for those wanting to dip their legs into the river near the waterfall. Oh, did I mentioned that there are fishes that nibble on your feet around the waterfall. For those adventurous enough to proceed with another activity, there is rope abseiling being done at the waterfall too.

Ironically, Sungai Pisang in English is basically Banana River. So to sign off, it is time to eat a banana.

And there you have it. Till my next trip!!!!

Note: If you would love to hear other people’s opinion about Sungai Pisang, here is an excerpt from NST (New Strait Times).

Simple Trek For Beginners
  • Easy to Trek & Maneuver

Simple Trek For Beginners

This place is definitely an easy trek for beginners. If you love river walks compared to the hills, these would be great place to start at.

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