Penang Trip Part 3

danielctw says “hungry hungry or not?”
Part 3 Liao


Penang Trip Part 1
Penang Trip Part 2

Suddenly talk about food and feeling hungry. Go Penang got lots of places to go. The Kek Lok Si temple, snake temple, Bukit Bendera (Penang Hill), sun, beach & sand *Baywatch* lol…

Penang Laksa

Why not show some preview of the food coming right up, but in order to do that you got to read the rest of them and a few of my camwhore pics.. LOL, so here’s an appetizer first.

Coming right up, this is the start of a new day, why not visit the Penang Hill. LOL.. though I regretted coming up. Nothing to see there except the only thing unique is that I am on the hill and I sat that train going up. 0.o 0.o *double whammy*

danielctw jump
The action thicks up at Bukit Bendera and danielctw is doing his best to sound alive. Looks like everyone’s doing this jumping thing hahaha…

Penang Hill used to be a fort and considering it’s location, it was a very strategic place to lookout for sea invasions. No wonder it’s very well protected. Dang… everywhere there also money money.. Who can guess but a normal cone ice cream up in Penang Hill cost RM4 from the normal RM1.50. *sweats*


Kek Lok Si is like a long way up. Hmm… decided to stop by the town first before driving up. Woo… got Asam Laksa at the road side. Wah… that’s why got that Laksa photo. Hehehe… Nothing much for me to do at Kek Lok Si though. The picture above basically tells one a little bit of my profile. Not talking about my pose ok??? *Bashes louyea!!*

My hunger can’t contain anymore. It’s now lunch time while danielctw is typing this. Food Glorious Food!!! OK OK no more talking… Just show the food ok =P

Penang Laksa
The Yummylicious Penang Laksa

Poh Piah Pop Piah!!

Penang Kuey Teow
Kuey Teow.. OMG the prawns so big one.. “lap cheong” also

Haha… so what’s next? Hmm… how about the beach? Batu Feringghi. Dang… I travelled all the way around Penang Island. Who ask we all itchy hand go drive thru Balik Pulau. Going up mountain roads @.@

Crab at Beach

Woo…Marine Life… in Batu Feringghi.. Stay Tune


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