Team Building Port Dickson

Yes, finally some travel photos. Woah… wait… yes, I’ve just been to Port Dickson like 2 weeks ago, and it was for a team building event. Though I must say, it’s been awhile since I’ve gone to Port Dickson.

A year ago, I do trips to Port Dickson as often as 3 times a year. Here’s the photo. I am still tired from today’s basketball activity.

Port Dickson

Yes, this time though I won’t be staying in an apartment though. It’s Corus Hotel, for those that know this place. Well, why is there a pool when there’s seaside? For some that don’t really know, people say that Port Dickson’s beach is really bad, but to me, it’s all fine to me.

Port Dickson Team Building

Now look!! This is what happens when it’s lowtide at the above location. Wow…. It’s just not that deep, though during low tide. Yes, since it’s in Port Dickson, the seaside here is a bit different compare to the ones on the east coast. Well, you’ve got to experience it before I can say anything about it.

Sunset At the Beach

Yes, sometimes no matter where, seeing a sunset at the beach is really nice. Dang, I really love the seaside and the beach. Romantic feel if you’re with your loved one.

But since I am still all alone, I could only camwhore on my one right now, while looking at the wide wide sea.

Dang… I need to go to the beach badly. Who wants to follow me for my next trip??

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