Weirdness at Port Dickson

You think you’ve seen it all, well, I wanted to make this post instead a wacky post instead. Well, this is of course a personal photo blog, well, and a mixture of travel and places blog. Instead I was thinking of moving real proper event photos on another blog. Hmm.. okay let’s get back to Port Dickson weirdness, with me in the group, there is bound to be some weirdness in character.

Beyond The Sunset

It was a pity I only spent 2 days, we only had one day for a sunset shot and the next afternoon we had to leave. Well, make use of the time and let’s have my 2 volunteer models pose for me. What’s beyond the sunset? A guy with the jetski? If only there weren’t any other obstacle in the photo, this picture would be perfect 🙁

Remember a few months ago, when I had my one night drive to Port Dickson. This time, we’re back at the same beach at Bayu Beach to take some night scene photos. Well, I must agree I hardly smile. I still need more practice.

Posing In Bayu Beach

How was this shot made? Hmmm… and how come I can get a bright light at the back? This I leave to your imagination. 😛

Another shot with my classmate of my schooling years, Carrie. Well, to think that both of us are of Hainanese heritage. The only difference is that she’s a she while I am a He. Duh….. LAME….

2 Hainanese People

Ever heard that people who are Hainanese can’t really see eye to eye, and if they do, is like as if they’re gonna beat each other up. Now this is a perfect example. Nah… I made that up, but some people do say that it does ring a bell.

In any case you’re wondering, we’re actually in Port Dickson for a one night stay with another group of 30 people. Due to the heavy load and number of people, the 3 of us instead went and book another place to stay.

So just as we went to the place, we just have to had a family shot.

3 SchoolMates Together

Darn… I ain’t smiling here once again. Well, I have other shots of me smiling, but the other photos either they are out of place and thus you get me with the gloomy face once again. Or rather the cool face. I can’t look as innocent as previous though.

I must say the 3 of us are really beat for the day, we can just sleep and not wake up the next morning. Maybe we’re gonna turn into pigs. If and if only. Well, what I heard was the other 2 once they reached home the next day, they KO-ed in the evening. Well, same with me too.

What really happened?

3 Piggies On a Sofa

OMGoodness… this is what we’ve turned into. The 3 piggies from Port Dickson. Now all we need is the Big Bad Wolf of Port Dickson.

I guessed that won’t be the end of the Port Dickson post. What about the rest of the people. Well, more to come as most of the other photos are on another camera. So stay tune yeah.

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