Port Dickson PhotoShooter

This name is misleading. It should be Port Dickson random photoshoots of people there who took part in the BBQ. But then who will bother reading a longer title. So instead of just babbling, here are the few people there.

Won’t be mentioning names, so here you have it for your viewing pleasure. Hope for more gatherings the next time.

Naoty The Beer Guy

Bulat the Plate Girl

Bebee On The Beach

And the one who took the photos?

Orange DanielCtw

So there you have it. Yes, thanks to David of TomagoGame.com for taking this shot of me with his camera. At least got a picture of me in action. Dude… though I seriously going to poison you with DSLR.

There are more photos, but since they are more personal they will be more to my personal blog at the blogspot.

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  1. Skywood October 31, 2008
  2. danielctw October 31, 2008

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