Port Dickson Leisure Trip

It is that time of season already. The time to travel and the time to have these leisure trips. Due to certain reason, I would not be posting photos of others that went to Port Dickson with me (actually the reasons are pretty simple, they prefer to remain anonymous on the Internet). Though that does not mean that I do not enjoy the trip in Port Dickson.

Port Dickson Sunset

Port Dickson is still one of the best place to go for a short trip. Only difference this trip was I did not go into the sea for a swim. This time is more of taking photos of the scenery, the environment and the atmosphere of the people around me.

What happened there actually?

Me and Yen were with a bunch of friends having BBQ there. So it is my second time meeting up with them and they are indeed a fun group. Have to thank my beloved Yen for this.

What did I witness over there?

Aside from having fun with the group, wandering about I went taking some random photos of other tenants over there. A few caught my eye and since I did not bring my zoom lens, there would be no sniping photos this time around. (Too bad for you guys hoping for some bikini, girl shots)

The closest ever is this photo of people playing Frisbee at the beach volleyball area in Port Dickson.

Port Dickson Frisbee Game

Well, the people were having fun against each another. From this photo, there are many things one can deduce. One main point is that the girl did fall down and sat on the sand once. Why? The answer is clearly there.Ahahaha!!

Tonnes of photos on my Facebook though. Though this is one shot I would not miss.

Port Dickson Serene Sunset

With the sun shining across the horizon, I took this shot. What’s the secret to this shot? Use tungsten and shoot accordingly to get the bluish feel and do not, I repeat do not expose your camera too long to the sunlight.

Well, one thing I forgotten to bring though is the tripod which would have helped me very much for night photography amongst the still sea.

Wait!!! Where did I stay? Stayed at Glory Beach Resort, 3rd Mile, Port Dickson. They have a pool there and the one thing which makes this resort unique compared to the other resorts here is that they work hand in hand with the turtle conservatory. During that BBQ night, I got the chance to see the staffs releasing baby turtles to the open sea.

Baby Turtle Port Dickson

Delightful right? Only problem is that they only release a few at one time. Doing so reduce the chances of the baby turtle surviving the deadly ocean. A lot of us know that there the turtle population is only safe if there are more released so some could escape. By releasing a few, the percentage of them living is close to zero. Good deed but nevertheless not that successful.

Staying in Glory Beach Resort has got it’s usefulness at night. I get to take photo of another resort and with a shutter of 30 seconds I was able to take the following photo.

Port Dickson Night Scenery

The lighting was amazing. Well, not every time we get to have these kind of opportunity near the sea. Compare taking photos during the night and during the day, you will be astonished with the result.

Only thing to complain about this resort is the beach is not as sandy and they are full of stones. Further up sea level, the surface is muddy thus not a great place to having a great sea to have a swim at. So I brought them to another beach which is situated at Teluk Kemang. Well, most of them haven’t been there before so most were astonished with how a place like Port Dickson would have a nice beach.

Seemingly, after having been absent from the blogging world, the blogger is now back. I promised that I will write more of my Japan trip once I get the photos sorted out and also get myself a personal laptop which I could use for blogging purposes.

Daniel Chew Port Dickson Sunset

Until then, Daniel Chew here signing off.

Of course, if you have to know, danielctw.com is now known as Daniel Chew the Wanderer. Seemingly this title suits me well as I grow older and wiser, I hardly start doing those weird things.

A good start to blogging again after my 30th birthday!


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