Running Course in Taman Melawati

After what seemed to be a long break from running without stopping, I decided that today I will do a short 4.3 KM run around Taman Melawati. Since I am now without a smart phone, I was not able to track my split times for each KM and also have to depend on a stop watch application on my old phone.

The timing I got was very bad, I had trouble breathing properly as have not been running constantly. It is a must though as I need to get myself fit for the Penang Bridge Run 2012 where I would be running a total of 21km, a shy away from my previous 42km run there a year ago.

Here is the track that I got from google map.

Running Track 4KM Taman Melawati

As usual most people start their run near the hill sides area as it is like running in a park with road pavements. Starting from the entry point area of the Klang Gate reservoir (refer to A on picture above), the run was indeed a new breather. Had trouble breathing after reaching location B. After that there are lots of places I had to walk. This was also due to the traffic that were coming back from the office.

So how did I fare?

Location: Taman Melawati
Time: 6pm
Running Time: 32:45:28 (basically 32 minutes and 45 seconds)
Distance: 4.3km

What have I learnt?

I have learnt that I need to start keeping myself healthy once again. Running used to be something I loved to do ever since I started running 3 years back. So wait for me Penang Bridge Run, I will be back with a vengeance.

Cinya miss those guys from the Pacesetters. Ronnie See and gang. You guys taught me how to use cinya. HAHA

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