The Post PBIM 2011 Experience

After running Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 (PBIM) and after almost 5 days since the ordeal, I finally have the time and strength (???) to share my experience of the Full Marathon Ordeal.

Of course, what better way than to tell the whole story from the start. It was 6am on Saturday 19th November 2011. The people who would be going up by car would be me, my bro and Kyuzo. As Kyuzo would be driving, we all decided that we would have to leave earlier to Penang to avoid the afternoon jam. Along the way, it was an okay journey with very little traffic. Finally after some stops and rest areas and we have finally reached Penang Island. The first thing we did was to collect our race packs. Time to go to Queensbay Mall for the collection.

Daniel Chew and Kyuzo PBIM 2011 Pose At Poster

Surprisingly hot weather, I started to think that it would rain again on the marathon just like the year before. Anyway, collection of the race packs was a breeze. I have even gotten myself some sexy shorts. Sexy????You will understand it later.

PBIM 2011 Story

After collecting our precious running kits, it was time for some food hunting. Well we did reached around 12pm and it was time for some food hunting. My smart brother asked us to go to Port Weld for some nice food.

After reaching the place, we soon found out that it was seafood that he was craving for. Oiiiiiiiii….. seafood go Teluk Kumbar la~~~ but then since we were already there, we decided to go along with it and order some food. Funny thing was my brother asked me and friend to order as he says this same thing when I first stepped my shoes in Penang.

I cannot speak hokkien la~~~” Bwahaaha!!! Actually same case for me.

Simple Lunch at Port Weld before PBIM

So me and Kyuzo (Klang fella here… so Hokkien also okay okay) went to order our food. We ordered Lala, Fish, Vege and to top it all off, we used Cantonese instead. (We’re finished ~~~ sure charge us high kao kao knowing we are not local). Random fact: I ate a lot of rice.

Building in Penang near Port Weld

Anyone knows where is this building and the name of it?

After our meal, it was time to go off to our host place to have our rest and also to meet the rest of the group. Thank you Su Lynn for accommodating us. After our great dinner (Spaghetti and Mash Potatoes and salad), we all proceeded to take our rest and also some hours of House Sitcom?? The run for the 42km starts at 2am and we have to get our asses to bed around 5pm. Only thing was that I slept at 10pm. Bummer.. I was up at 12am and it was time for our journey towards Queensbay Mall for the start of the run.

Reached early. Ample parking space along the road. So glad we were there early. I see some people in their tents at the parking bay. Not a bad idea to overnight in the tent. Alright after some catching up with some runners, it was time for the run to start.

I started the run and I felt a small pain in my knee. Well, armed with my yellow sexy shorts (I am crazy of bright stuffs to show during a run) and my New Balance shoes and the running vest, it was a non stop run all the way in the first 10km.

  • 10 KM: For the first time (or rather the third time) I ran without feeling tired. Newcomers would replenish their drinks at the first 5km but I opt to skip that due to the not thirsty factor and also it was not required.
  • 15 KM: Had a slow run and then walked for awhile. Due to insufficient practice and wondering why did I sign up for 42km.
  • 20KM: Where’s the water?? No water at 2 water stations at 20km and 24km. Lucky I had my power gel to keep me from continuously hungry.
  • 25KM: Hooray!! Water station and bread. Finally something to push me onward
  • 31KM: Ahhhh… still a long way to go.
  • 35KM: With the time at 6 hours, looks like there’s no need to run anymore. I will be able to make it get the finisher T. Also made a new friend as I chatted with a friend called Mawar.
  • 40.7KM: It is a dash to the finish line as I go through all those Fun Run participants. Boring~~~
  • 41KM: Mission accomplished. Got a XL Finisher T.

Finally I finished the run. The first and most probably a very long time before I start running another full marathon. Here are my results based on PBIM website.

Name : Daniel Chew the Weird
Status : Active
Collect Method : Queensbay Mall (18th & 19th Nov 2011)
Category : Full Marathon Men Open
Bib No : A00456
Event Results
21KM CheckPoint : 2:57:44.12
33KM CheckPoint : 5:03:41.74
ChipTime : 6:30:11.39
GunTime : 6:31:38.67
Ranking : 756/1190

Finally, what can I say? I am satisfied that I finished the run, but am not satisfied with my timing. I was thinking maybe I should take it slow. Start with consistency and do a proper 10KM run to get myself faster. Okay, that is what I would do.

PBIM Runner Shoes

After running it was time to go back to the house and everyone was finally gathered. Time to have a photo shoot of the group. Opps not the above.

PBIM 2011 Group Photo Shoot

From Clockwise Top Left: Kyuzo, Audrey, Sook Mei, Kevin, Daniel

Time to display our proud achievement to the world. It was definitely worth it. As the day goes by, we had seafood dinner at Teluk Kumbar and also another dose of Dr House. The dinner was worth it, you may refer the old post somewhere around. Also something happened during dinner. While we were eating, Sook Mei just had to say, imagine if suddenly it were to rain. Just as she said that, suddenly rain drops came pouring down so fast, we were all saying, “Aiyoh~~~~ you are the cause of it!”. Opps.

The following day, time to leave for home. Time to leave Penang that I usually only drop by once a year. Saddening right? Before we left the island, we saw a sign to keep us remember the time here.

Tak Nak ISA in Penang


Left Penang using the Jetty. We decided to have our lunch/dinner at Ipoh. What can one eat? Beansprout Chicken Rice/Noodle.

Ipoh Taugeh

Ipoh Chicken

Superb…. it was finally great. A food to end the post. It made me hungry. I am going to make some coffee and eat some bread right now. As we come to the end of the post, nothing interesting happened after the Ipoh stop. We just went back and had a great sleep.

I am looking forward for my next run which is the MPSJ 10KM Run next. Woo hoo!!!

And now for the final preview. Wonder how short I wore my shorts? How short were they? Wonder no more as I reveal them below.

Chew Brothers PBIM 2011

Whoa… wrong one. By the way, that is my brother.

Sexy Shorts Group Photo PBIM 2011

Just look at me. Ahahahaha!! Short right?




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