PBIM 2014 Running Season is Back

I still remembered myself running in PBIM (Penang Bridge International Marathon) just 3 years back in the full marathon. The only time I skipped running the PBIM was just recently last year in 2013.

Here are my past accounts of me running in the PBIM.

2012 21km PBIM Run

PBIM 2012 Revisit

2011 42km PBIM Run

Group Photo PBIM 2011

2010 21km PBIM Run Part 1
2010 21km PBIM Run Part 2

2010 PBIM Medal

Now what are my expectations from this year?

Being absent from the world of running, it has dawned upon me that I have to start picking this up once again. What a better way to do it by opening and then clicking the Register button. Motivation is by doing it and not just thinking of doing it, so by doing so, I am waiting for you this year’s Penang Bridge Internation Marathon 2014.

PBIM 2014 Registration

Got to get myself back into running shape and good for the 21KM run. If you haven’t done so, it is still the early bird phase, so for a half marathon it’s only RM60 (I remembered I used to register for RM40) and stand to be a part of a lucky draw.

One more thing I like about this year is that there is a collection booth now in Kuala Lumpur at Bukit Jalil. How convenient! No more driving very early the day before to collect, now it is conveniently at your door step for Kuala Lumpur runners.

ps: One thing I noticed, I haven’t been blogging lately, but rest assured, all those will be done once I get myself a laptop.


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